Poll Results: Who impressed you the most against Georgia Tech?

In a landslide, the most impressive player for the Brigham Young Cougars in the Georgia Tech game was running back Jamaal Williams. He was selected by 58 percent of the voters. In a close race for second, Ezekiel Ansah (20%) edged out JD Falslev (19%). Kyle Van Noy was last with just 3 percent of the votes.

While each of these players had big plays, I was most impressed with Falslev.

Williams played a great game (28 carries, 107 yards, 3 TD; 3 receptions, 54 yards, 1 TD). I have seen this ability in him for several weeks, so his huge game wasn't that impressive to me. The same could be said about Ansah and, especially, Van Noy. The expectations for these three are pretty high in my book.

Falslev, on the other hand, exorcised some demons. The last time I remember Falslev fielding a kickoff was in the second half of the 2011 Utah game. The ball bounced off his facemask and was recovered by Utah. When I suggested BYU might change who returned the kickoffs, Cody Hoffman was the only option in my mind.

Not only did Falslev prove he was a reliable kick returner, but he returned all three kickoffs that he fielded for over 40 yards (42, 43, 44). That has rarely, if ever, been done.

Falslev's returns were also game changers. His 44-yard return on the game's opening kickoff helped set the tone for the entire game. With close to four and a half minutes left in the first half, Falslev returned a kickoff 42 yards, which put BYU in a great position to score one more time before the half ended.

On a side note, after posting the poll question, I watched the game again and a player not on the list impressed me. Not as much as Falslev, but enough that I thought he merited mention. That player was Uona Kaveinga. He finished the game with 4 tackles and 2 tackles for loss. Modest numbers, but he made some big hits and showed some speed. Kaveinga came to play Saturday.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in the new poll question: "Will BYU's final home game be a sell out (Idaho, 8:15 PM kickoff)?"

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