Boise State is preferred opponent for BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl

The Brigham Young Cougars accepted an invitation to play in the Poinsettia Bowl last Saturday following their win over Idaho. The Bowl has a contract with the Mountain West Conference to select one of its schools to play BYU, so the question becomes who?

Hometown San Diego State? Fresno State, another California based school? A rematch with Boise State? How about Nevada--the only other MWC school that is currently bowl eligible?

BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL put this question out to site visitors this week, and the popular choice was Boise State. A rematch with the Broncos received 61% of the vote. The hometown San Diego State Aztecs came in second with 24 percent of the vote. Fresno State was third with 11 percent, and Nevada received the final 4 percent of the vote.

BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL feels the same. A rematch with Boise State would be most appealing. If Air Force (5-5) finds a way to get bowl eligible before the season ends, then the Falcons may be preferred, but among currently bowl eligible MWC schools Boise State is definitely it.

Fresno State and Nevada stabbed BYU in the back two years ago when the move to Independence was being finalized. I am still a little bitter about that. Therefore, I have no desire to play them, at this moment.

I don't mind playing San Diego State. They were pretty sour about the move to independence and became quite negative and vocal about it. The reaction to the replay controversy in the 2010 game was also distasteful. However, I am not put off enough about it to not want to play them in a bowl.

Normally, I hate rematches in bowl games. However, avenging the one-point loss to Boise State would be satisfying. Not to mention, beating Boise State would be more respected nationally than any other MWC foe. The more impressive the bowl win, the better the chances that BYU can squeak into the final Top 25 polls.

Thank you to everyone who voted. A new poll question will be posted following the San Jose State game.

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  1. AFA or Nevada over a 9-3 SDSU or 9-3 Fresno?

    Sorry, but that is just dumb. Really dumb.

  2. As a Boise State fan, playing BYU was fun and all, but I think we'd be looking forward to the MAACO bowl and a game against a PAC-12 team (Stanford could be fun).

  3. KDM: As a Bronco fan, I would love to watch them play the University of Washington in Las Vegas. It would be a perfect set-up for our first game in 2013.

  4. 1. Good point about AFA. As much nostalgia I have with playing the Cadets, the 7-5 (at best) record makes that match up lose its luster. SDSU or Boise for me.

    2 & 3. If BYU had won back in September, I would feel the same. No way would I want to play Boise State again. But, it is a totally different feeling when you are on the losing side.

  5. Note that last comment: "...totally different feeling when you are on the losing side." I also your "distasteful" remark about how SDSU reacted to the replay controversy.

    How would you feel if former Aztec grads made the same ruling? And BYU lost? Might you be upset if those officials weren't outright fired? Or at least disciplined? MWC one-game suspension of Chad Bunn validates the allegations.

    Hmmm. Ya think this might lead Aztecs to "loathe" BYU?

    I've read opinions that BYU is an elite school, along the likes of Notre Dame. In that it offers a unique experience, that it's standards are very high, this is true. But stating UNR & FSU don't deserve to compete against BYU for off field business decisions puts BYU Elitism is a very negative light.

    It can lead to things like "loathing BYU." ;)

    If you talk the Code, you must live by it too.

    The Bible instructs us that all sins are terrible, we aren't to say one is worse than another. If a Cougar player is kicked off a team for premarital sex, who does that hurt?

    What sins were committed by those who did the video cheating? Who was hurt as a result? What should MWC do? If an asterisk would be placed in a record book indicating steroid use, what would best remind us this game was fixed?


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