About BCF

BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL was launched in January 2011, but its origins go back much longer. Twenty years to be exact.

Scott Rappleye would sit in church on Sundays in the fall of 1990 and on the back of the Sacrament Meeting program write an article about the previous day's BYU football game. A few years later, he started writing profiles on the best individual players in BYU football history.

As the years passed, Scott's focus moved on to other interests. However, in 2008 his love of BYU football and passion for writing were reunited. The national spotlight was on BYU as the team most expected to bust the BCS. The early part of that season included the controversy at Washington over a celebration penalty and blocked extra point that preserved a Cougar victory. That was followed up by the 59-0 win over UCLA.

The attention BYU received in the media at this time was good and bad. Fighting to defend his beloved Cougars, Scott started writing very lengthy letters to national media members like Stewart Mandel at SI.com and Terry Bowden of Yahoo! Sports.

Feeling that these letters were just the tip of the iceberg, Scott made plans to start his own college football blog the next season. In 2009, he launched College Football Haven. Scott soon realized that as much as he loved college football, what he really enjoyed was writing about BYU football.

That led to Scott starting a new blog: BYU Football Talk in February 2010.  By the end of that calendar year, Scott was informed that his site name and URL infringed on the school's rights to the use of "BYU" and he needed to find a new name.

That led to the current name BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL being used in January 2011.

Since that time, BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL has continually expanded its coverage of BYU football in an effort to provide the ultimate fan experience for BYU followers. Cougar fans have taken notice. Site visitors come from over 110 countries around the world on all six inhabited continents. In two and a half years, BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL had almost half a million page views.

The quality work at BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL has been recognized by more than just Cougar fans. FoxSports.com has featured BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL articles on its college football home page multiple times. The very well known and well respected college football guru Phil Steele has published many BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL articles on his BYU blog.

BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL has been approached by other entities and formed partnerships with them to help promote BYU football to their national audiences. These entities include College Football Zealots, The Saturday Edge, and The Unofficial Home of Notre Dame Football.