Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Falslev is Mr. Do-it-all for BYU

When the Brigham Young Cougars needed someone to help fix the problems in the kickoff return department, head coach Bronco Mendenhall knew just who to call: JD Falslev. With his first return of the game, for 44 yards, Falslev became the only BYU player to record all-purpose yards in four different categories.

Falslev is not just an all-purpose player by definition, but also by performance. He has made a real impact in games with his rushing, receiving, punt and kickoff returning.

BYU linebacker Van Noy close to duplicating rare achievement

Last year, Brigham Young Cougars linebacker Kyle Van Noy had his breakout season. He displayed a wide array of skills and talents as he made plays all over the field. By season’s end, he was the only college football player to have recorded a stat in all the major defensive statistical categories. With a blocked punt against Georgia Tech, Van Noy has nearly duplicated his rare achievement.

Flashback: BYU continues to haunt Air Force

Exactly 25 Halloweens ago, the Brigham Young Cougars treated themselves to a win over the Air Force Academy, but not until after playing a trick on the Falcons first.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BYU breaks its fourth quarter scoring slump

Brigham Young Cougars running back Jamaal Williams took a shovel pass from Riley Nelson, weaved his way through the Georgia Tech defense, and ran down the sideline to score his fourth touchdown of the day. That score tied Williams with Harvey Unga for the most touchdowns in a game by a freshman, but more importantly, it gave BYU its first fourth quarter touchdown in four games.

BYU Athletic Director says football team has “chemistry issues” and uncorrectable "shortcomings"

In an interview yesterday with “The Voice of the Cougars” Greg Wrubell, Brigham Young Cougars Athletic Director Tom Holmoe discussed the football team’s 5-4 record this season. Among other things, Holmoe said the coaching staff had “chemistry issues” and the players had “shortcomings” that could not be corrected this year.

BYU vs. Georgia Tech Post Game Thoughts and Analysis

Some miscellaneous thoughts and commentary on the Brigham Young Cougars 41-17 win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Football Opponent Tracker: Week 9 Results for BYU's 2012 Opponents

Brigham Young Cougars opponents were 5-4 last week, identical to BYU’s season record. Oregon State suffered its first loss. Washington State gave Stanford a scare, and Notre Dame had the marquee win of the week, and on the road, no less.   

BYU in NFL, Week 8: Keisel’s two tackles for loss are big for Steelers

The amount of activity was a little low again for former Brigham Young Cougars in the NFL. A strong day by Brett Keisel and a controversy surrounding Vic So’oto highlight the weekend in the NFL for former Cougars.  

BYU vs. Georgia Tech: Mo Moments

The Brigham Young Cougars were able to control the momentum for most of the game as they dismantled Georgia Tech, 41-17. Dominating defense, consistent offense, and big special teams plays gave BYU the edge in mo moments 5-1.

BYU vs. Georgia Tech: 5 Game Observations

The Brigham Young Cougars took care of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in impressive fashion. BYU put on a show for the Cougar faithful. Among all the great plays and big performances, were the observations to BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL’s 5 Things to Watch for.  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Recap: Williams Leads the Way in BYU Win Over Georgia Tech

Freshman running back Jamaal Williams scored four touchdowns and had the second 100-yard rushing game of his career and the defense shut down the triple-option threat of the Yellow Jacket offense in the BYU Cougars victory over Georgia Tech.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Preview: BYU at Georgia Tech--The outcome will depend on the Cougar defense

The Brigham Young Cougars (4-4) caught Notre Dame in a trap game situation last week. It could be argued the tables are turned this week against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-4).

Poll Results: What will BYU’s final 2012 record be?

Despite the Brigham Young Cougars’ two tough back-to-back losses and a wild-card this week with Georgia Tech’s triple option, the most popular choice for poll voters was 9-4 as BYU’s final record for 2012. I apologize for not having a specific breakdown of the votes for each selection. There were some technical difficulties approximately one day ago, and all votes that had been cast were lost. As I monitored the results throughout the week, slightly less than half of all voters (approx. 45-48%) were selecting 9-4. The next highest voter getter was 8-5, which was consistently over 30%. Almost all of the remaining 20-25% voted for 7-6 or 6-7.

It pains me to say it, but my vote is for 8-5. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

BYU Football: Did you know? (Riley Nelson Rushing)

Brigham Young Cougars quarterback Riley Nelson does not fit the mold of the typical BYU quarterback. Perhaps, nothing accentuates this fact more than his season rushing totals.

BYU vs. Georgia Tech: 5 Things to Watch for

The Brigham Young Cougars will play the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in Boddy Dodd Stadium, which has a fantastic view of the Downtown Atlanta skyline. That may be fun to watch for a few seconds as the game coverage transitions in and out of commercial breaks, but it is not one of the five things fans should be watching for during the game on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

High praise for BYU from Georgia Tech head coach

At 4-4, a cloud of disappointment is hanging over the Brigham Young Cougars 2012 season.  No one in the BYU fan base will tell you this is one of the better Cougar football teams. This didn’t stop upcoming opponent Georgia Tech’s head coach from showering praise on BYU.

Georgia Tech coach not concerned about Cody Hoffman

Although the Brigham Young Cougars offense has had some ups and downs this year, wide receiver Cody Hoffman has been this unit’s only constant. When BYU needs a big play, the Cougars turn to him, and he usually comes through. So, why isn’t Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson worried about him?   

Flashback: Jenkins carries BYU to win with record setting performance

On this date, 14 years ago, the Brigham Young Cougars survived a shootout with San Jose State. They couldn’t have done it, however, without running back Ronney Jenkins tying the school record for most touchdowns scored in a single game.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mendenhall: Jamaal Williams is on the right track

The Brigham Young Cougars entered the 2012 season expecting a legion of seniors to lead the team. It was expected that 29 seniors would be on the roster. Their experience and leadership was going to carry the team. There didn’t appear to be any room for a young sapling to grow among this forest of redwoods.

Jamaal Williams, the youngest of BYU’s saplings, has shown otherwise.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mendenhall was right—execution matters most

Brigham Young Cougars fans have gotten tired of hearing head coach Bronco Mendenhall continually stress the importance of execution and how that would be the key for his team to win games. Whether it is trite or overly simplistic, execution is exactly why BYU lost to Notre Dame. If BYU had executed better in five simple ways, then BYU would have left South Bend victorious.

BYU vs. Notre Dame: Mo Moments

In the Brigham Young Cougars’ fast moving, low scoring game, there were four plays (besides the scoring plays) that helped change the outcome more than any others. As the score indicates, the momentum swings in this game were not major swings in momentum, but they made a difference.

BYU vs. Notre Dame: 5 Game Observations

With the Brigham Young Cougars game against Notre Dame in the books, it is time to follow up on 5 Things to Watch for. BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL was keeping an eye on defense, turnovers, Ross Apo, 60 minutes, and Riley Stephenson. Here is what we saw.

BYU vs. Notre Dame: Post Game Thoughts and Analysis

Following the Brigham Young Cougars' tough 17-14 loss to no. 5 Notre Dame, The Editor reflects on reasons why BYU lost, and what the loss means.

BYU NFL Report, Week 7: AFC North is where it's at

Several former Brigham Young Cougars in the NFL had a bye this week. The Cougars in the AFC North provided all the action.  

Football Opponent Tracker: Week 8 Results for BYU's 2012 Opponents

Brigham Young Cougars opponents were 7-3 last week. Weber State got its first win. It should be encouraging to know that BYU’s November WAC teams appear to have NO defense.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Notre Dame too big and strong for BYU

A 14-7 halftime lead was not enough for the Brigham Young Cougars (4-4) to ruin the Notre Dame Fighting Irish’s dream season. Notre Dame (7-0) wore down BYU in the second half and narrowly escaped 17-14.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Game Preview: BYU's hopes hinge on execution

There is something about Brigham Young Cougars starting quarterback Riley Nelson that makes me think of Ryan Hancock every time I see him. Hancock was the BYU quarterback in 1992—the same year BYU made its first visit to Notre Dame. Almost 20 years later, to the day, BYU will be back in South Bend. Although two decades have passed, the Cougars and the Fighting Irish share similarities with the 1992 counterparts. Does my unexplainable association of Nelson and Hancock mean the 2012 game will resemble the 1992 clash?

Poll Results: Will a BYU win over No. 5 Notre Dame salvage the season?

The Brigham Young Cougars can salvage their season by beating Notre Dame today, if the Cougars can go on to win the five remaining games as well. That was the response of 43 percent of poll voters. Another 32 percent of voters simply said “No,” not even a win over an undefeated top 5 team can salvage the 2012 season.  The remaining 25 percent of voters were split between, “Yes, even if BYU loses later,” (20%) and undecided (5%).

While I will gladly celebrate the win, I don’t think a win will salvage the season for me. Not even if BYU wins all the rest of its games and finishes 10-3.

Friday, October 19, 2012

BYU loss to Oregon State just what was needed to beat Notre Dame?

The Brigham Young Cougars' loss this last Saturday to now no. 8 (in the BCS standings) Oregon State was disappointing. But there were good signs – to see BYU compete for almost four quarters against a top 10 team is encouraging. Despite the loss, scratch that, because of the loss, I think the Oregon State game was exactly what BYU needed to best prepare them for Notre Dame.

BYU vs. Notre Dame: 5 Things to Watch for

There are many things to watch for as the Brigham Young Cougars face a top 10 opponent for the second week in a row. The five biggest include defense, turnovers, an MIA wide receiver, 60 minutes (not the TV show), and the punter.

In depth look at BYU opponent Notre Dame

With the Brigham Young Cougars travelling to Notre Dame this week, BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL had the special privilege to swap notes with The Unofficial Home of Notre Dame. Below is an in depth look at the Notre Dame Fighting Irish offense, defense, and special teams provided by A final analysis and score prediction is also included.

Note: To read BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL's report on BYU at The Unofficial Home of Notre Dame, click here.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

BYU Football: Did you know? (60-yard punts)

It is never fun to see the punting unit come out on the field. The offense is supposed to score a touchdown. At least the pain can be eased sometimes when the punter gets off a really long punt.  

Manti Te’o helps BYU accomplish its goal as an independent

The Brigham Young Cougars primary reason for leaving the Mountain West Conference in 2011 and becoming a college football independent was greater exposure for the school and its sponsoring religion—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Logically, the better BYU is the more exposure the Church will receive. Having the best players possible is one key ingredient to the BYU football team being better.

Manti Te’o, a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ, did the opposite yesterday on the nationally syndicated Jim Rome show.

BYU quarterback Riley Nelson needs to listen to Steve Young

Thirty years ago, Steve Young was the Brigham Young Cougars quarterback. He went on to have a hall of fame career in the NFL. Now, Young is an analyst for ESPN. In that capacity, Young appeared on the ESPN program Pardon the Interruption last night. Hopefully, current BYU quarterback Riley Neslon was listening. Young’s parting words on that program were sage advice to any quarterback who runs the ball.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flashback: BYU holds off inspired San Diego State squad, 38-28

Exactly three years ago today, the Brigham Young Cougars were on the road in San Diego for a more competitive than expected game against the San Diego State Aztecs.

Notre Dame coach calls BYU a Big Ten team and compares Van Noy to Te’o

The Brigham Young Cougars face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this weekend in South Bend, Indiana. During his weekly press conference, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly fielded several questions about his team and this week’s opponent. Before any questions were asked, Kelly made a surprise comparison in his opening remarks of BYU to the teams in the Big Ten conference.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Poll Results: On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) how do you rate BYU’s all-black uniforms?

The Brigham Young Cougars wore all-black uniforms for the first time ever on Saturday, and they were a hit! Close to half of poll respondents (41%) rated the uniforms a “5” on a 1-5 scale. Another 27% rated the uniforms a “4.” That represents over two-thirds of all respondents who rated the uniforms either a 4 or 5. The rest of the votes were split 12% for “3,” and 10% each for “2” and “1.”

On a scale of 1 to 5, with five being the highest, I would give them a 4.

BYU ready for "business trip" to South Bend

The Brigham Young Cougars travel to South Bend, Indiana, this week. South Bend is not only the home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, it is the home of the College Football Hall of the Fame. South Bend is a Mecca for college football fans. For the BYU football team this won't be a vacation. This is a business trip.

BYU vs. Oregon State Post Game Thoughts and Analysis

The Brigham Young Cougars lost to the Oregon State Beavers, 42-24. Below is thoughts and analysis of this game from The Editor from BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL.

Monday, October 15, 2012

BYU vs. Oregon State: Five Game Observations

The Brigham Young Cougars are starting to have an identity now after seven games. Unfortunately, it may not be the identity BYU fans want. Looking back on my pregame questions, the Cougars only answered the call on one or two of them. But, there were still some valuable lessons learned from this game that hopefully can be applied to Notre Dame next week.

Football Opponent Tracker: Week 7 Results for BYU's 2012 Opponents

The results of the Brigham Young Cougars’s opponents last week can be summed up simply by saying the good teams kept winning, and the bad teams kept losing. A few bad teams were spared thanks to having a bye week.

BYU NFL Week 6 Report: Denney makes noise on special teams

John Denney made the biggest play of the week for former Brigham Young Cougars in the NFL. Two others had pretty good games, while one made his first appearance of the season.

BYU vs. Oregon State: Mo Moments

One reason why the Brigham Young Cougars lost to the Oregon State Beavers is BYU never seized the momentum. Neither did Oregon State until late in the fourth quarter. With the momentum frequently switching from one side to the other, but never in major proportions, the game stayed close for nearly 55 minutes.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tipped passes tip the scales in favor of Oregon State

The Brigham Young Cougars (4-3) and Oregon State Beavers (5-0) were tied 21-21 going into the fourth quarter. Two tipped passes in the final quarter resulted in touchdowns for Oregon State, and allowed the Beavers to pull away from BYU and win 42-24. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Poll Results: Who was most impressive against Utah State?

Ezekiel Ansah is the answer to this week’s poll question. The Brigham Young Cougars defensive end received 77% of the votes. Tied for second were Kyle Van Noy and Cody Hoffman with 8% each. Running Back Jamaal Williams was fourth with 4% of the vote, and the final 3% went to Taysom Hill.

Maybe I missed something, but my vote goes to Hill.

BYU vs. Oregon State: Five Things to Watch For

The Brigham Young Cougars have had some big games so far this season, but none as much in the national spotlight as this weekend's game against the Oregon State Beavers. Big games bring big questions. This week's Five Things to Watch For focuses on BYU and Oregon State's quarterback situations, the effect of the blackout homecoming game and the legitimacy of the Beavers' top 10 ranking.

BYU’s Homecoming game will be historic

It is homecoming for the Brigham Young Cougars (4-2) this weekend. While many have spent the week remembering the history of BYU, the football team is set to make history when they welcome the no. 10 ranked Oregon State Beavers (4-0) to Provo.

BYU and Wisconsin to meet in 2017 and 2018

For the second time in three months, the Brigham Young Cougars and the Wisconsin Badgers have announced a scheduling agreement. Back in July, only one game was announced. This time, a two game, home-and-home series has been agreed to.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Oregon State defense: Legit or smoke and mirrors?

The Brigham Young Cougars have a really good defense. I am sure of this. Ask Oregon State fans, and they think the Beaver defense is just as good. That piqued my interest, so I took a look at the numbers. After considerable analysis, I can’t decide whether the numbers are legit or just smoke and mirrors.

BYU Linebacker Uani Unga getting primed to face former team

When the Brigham Young Cougars take the field Saturday to play the Oregon State Beavers, head coach Bronco Mendenhall won’t be the only one going against his former team. Linebacker Uani Unga spent the first two seasons of his college career in Corvallis wearing Beaver black and orange.

BYU Football: Did you know? (First Career Touchdown)

The Brigham Young Cougars have seen 11 different players score touchdowns this season.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flashback: BYU surprises Fresno State with “unorthodox” offense

On this date 20 years ago, the Brigham Young Cougars took on the Fresno State Bulldogs for the first time as conference foes. In 1992, Fresno State joined the WAC. When they came to Provo to play BYU, the Cougars had a couple of Aces up their sleeves.

BYU Football: Mid-season Awards

The 2012 season has reached the midway point for the Brigham Young Cougars. There have been many great moments and some not so good moments in these first six games. As part of BLUE COUGAR FOOTBALL’s mid-season evaluation, here is a look at the front runners for the awards that will be given at the end of the season.

Each award has three nominees (except Team MVP). The first five awards are for an individual player. To keep things interesting, once a player won one of these awards he was removed from consideration for the others. 

BYU Football: Mid-Season Grades

The Brigham Young Cougars have reached the halfway point of the 2012 season. Six games are in the books, and six games remain on the schedule. Time for some mid-term grades. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BYU QB Taysom Hill: A Tale of Two Half-Minutes

Charles Dickens penned the words, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Today, these words ring true for the Brigham Young Cougars. Taysom Hill had an incredible final 30 seconds of the first half against Utah State. At the end of the game, another 30 seconds were the exact opposite.

Riley Returns: Nelson back under center for BYU

Senior quarterback Riley Nelson will be the starting quarterback for the Brigham Young Cougars  on Saturday, October 13, 2012, when the 10th ranked Oregon State Beavers come to Provo for Homecoming. He had missed the last two games with an injured back.

Brigham Young Cougars in the NFL, Week 5: Beck out, Kehl in

In the NFL's fifth week, four former Brigham Young Cougars started for their respective teams, while one didn't get to see the field and another's team had a bye week. One thing that is impressive is that the former Cougars' teams are in playoff contention. As the season is almost a third of the way done, a few of these teams have solidified themselves as legitimate contenders. 

BYU QB Taysom Hill out for season, could miss spring practice

After a weekend of rumors and speculation, Brigham Young Cougars head coach Bronco Mendenhall confirmed that freshman quarterback Taysom Hill has suffered a knee injury and will miss the rest of the 2012 season.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Opponent Tracker: Week 6 Results for BYU's 2012 Opponents

While Brigham Young Cougar fans probably didn’t expect Oregon State or Notre Dame to still be undefeated at this point, they probably didn’t expect their opponents’ overall record to be so far under 0.500 either. Depending on the week, for the rest of the season the BYU opponents are either really good, or really bad.

BYU vs. Utah State Post Game Thoughts and Analysis

The Brigham Young Cougars are on a two game win streak after beating Utah State. Hear what The Editor thought about the game.

BYU vs. Utah State: Mo Moments

The Brigham Young Cougars beat the Utah State Aggies because they scored more points, they were the better team, and they had momentum on their side. Of the six “Mo Moments” in the game, four favored BYU.

BYU vs. Utah State: Five Game Observations

The Old Wagon Wheel gets to stay in Provo for another year and the Beehive Boot returns to the Brigham Young Cougars for the first time since 2009. A few questions that I have been wondering about were also answered, as the Cougars have reached the halfway point of their season.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

BYU defense best in the nation against the run

Going into the weekend, the Brigham Young Cougars were the second best in the nation at defending the run. Now, they are number one.

BYU uses ball control to beat Utah State, 6-3

A football game is 60 minutes long, but the game between the Brigham Young Cougars and the Utah State Aggies was decided by one 30 second segment. In the final 30 seconds of the first half, BYU drove 61 yards for its only score of the game, a 3-yard touchdown pass from Taysom Hill to JD Falslev.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Poll Results: Should Taysom Hill be the starting quarterback the rest of the year?

After watching Brigham Young Cougars freshman quarterback Taysom Hill play against Hawaii, the vast majority of poll respondents (77%) said Hill should be BYU’s starting quarterback the rest of 2012. Just 15% voted “No,” and the remaining 8% of voters were undecided.

Clearly, it is not the popular choice, but I am going to say Hill should not be the Cougars’ starting quarterback.

Brigham Young Cougars’ identity is being challenged, again

The Brigham Young Cougars (3-2) took exception to Washington State head coach Mike Leach saying, “We’re going to look like BYU more than BYU will.” The result was BYU limiting Washington State to 224 yards of total offense. The BYU offense scored 24 points in the first half and had 426 yards of total offense for the game.

For a second time this season, BYU’s identity is being challenged. The local Utah media has been singing the praises of Utah State (4-1) and its quarterback Chuckie Keeton. They have not been shy about crowning the Aggies the best team in the state of Utah and Keeton as the best quarterback. Such labels have long been reserved for BYU.

BYU’s identity isn’t being challenged by the media only. Utah State players and coach aren’t giving the Cougars much respect.

BYU vs. Utah State: Five Things to Watch For

The Old Wagon Wheel is up for grabs, as well as the Beehive Boot. This game is shaping up to be one of the more intriguing match-ups on the Brigham Young Cougars' schedule, and after a big win by BYU, should also answer a lot of questions about the Cougars' consistency.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

BYU Football: Did you know? (Freshmen Running Backs vs. Utah State)

It isn’t often that the Brigham Young Cougars have a freshman as the primary ball carrier. However, when he is a freshman, he usually plays very well against Utah State.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Flashback: BYU forces turnovers to crush Utah State early

Exactly four years ago today, the Brigham Young Cougars travelled to Logan to play Utah State. Coming off back-to-back shutout wins by a combined score of 103-0, BYU was playing its best football of the 2008 season.

Cautiously optimistic about the BYU offense going into Utah State game

Here we are, five games into the season, and, as usual, we have no idea how good this Brigham Young Cougars football team actually is. This is becoming customary at BYU. One game they look so good, while in another game they look awful. Every season proves to be a roller coaster ride, with the fans feeling every twist and turn, every rise and every fall.

BYU-Utah State Rivalry Reborn: Old Wagon Wheel and Beehive Boot up for grabs

Between 1983 and 1992, the Brigham Young Cougars and the Utah State Aggies played 10 times, with BYU coming out on top each year. In 1993, the Aggies got a small piece of revenge by holding off the Cougars 58-56. Then BYU and Utah State faced off 10 more times between 1994 and 2009, with the Cougars once again being the victor in all 10 games. In those 21 games between 1983 and 2009, BYU was 20-1. The rivalry – if you could even call it that anymore – was extremely one sided. It even appeared dead. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can Taysom Hill be this generation’s Ty Detmer?

Taysom Hill’s career as a quarterback for the Brigham Young Cougars is only five games old, but he has already linked himself with three of the schools legendary quarterbacks. In game one, Hill linked himself with Gary Sheide by throwing a touchdown pass on his first career pass attempt. In game four, Hill linked himself with Steve Young.

Game five was Hill’s first career start. In this game he made his third link with the past. Coaches and fans hope that this link can be added to and become a chain.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The best BYU defense ever?

The Brigham Young Cougars 2012 defense is good. How good? Really, really good. The best ever in Provo? That requires a closer look.

Brigham Young Cougars in the NFL, Week 4: Vic So'oto signs with the Raiders, Collie undergoes surgery

Not a lot of action by Brigham Young Cougars on the field in the NFL this week.  With bye weeks, injuries, and being too far down the depth chart, most Cougars were at home or on the sideline. The few who did play only had small impacts in their respective games. There was, however, one piece of news BYU fans should be excited about.

BYU vs. Hawaii: Post Game Thoughts and Analysis

The Brigham Young Cougars are back on the winning side with a 47-0 win over Hawaii. The Editor weighs in with some post game thoughts and analysis.

Some topics include:
  • How much Taysom Hill kool-aid should we drink?
  • How good is this BYU defense?
  • How come Hawaii didn't try to score in the fourth quarter?
  • Is Paul Lasike the second coming of Bryan Kariya?

Opponent Tracker: Week 5 Results for BYU's 2012 Football Opponents

As the season progresses, it is becoming more and more apparent that the Brigham Young Cougars have some very good teams they are playing this season, and some really bad teams. It will be interesting in the coming years to see if the level of competition will even out as the Cougars gain some credibility as an FBS independent. As for this season, the next four weeks look pretty tough, then two of the last three games look like cakewalks.