Georgia Tech coach not concerned about Cody Hoffman

Although the Brigham Young Cougars offense has had some ups and downs this year, wide receiver Cody Hoffman has been this unit’s only constant. When BYU needs a big play, the Cougars turn to him, and he usually comes through. So, why isn’t Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson worried about him?   

BYU goes to Atlanta, Georgia to play the Yellow Jackets this Saturday. When asked in his weekly press conference how he planned to keep an eye on Hoffman, all Johnson could talk about was Riley Nelson.

“I think they’ve got a system that they’ve run for a lot of years and the big key is their quarterback,” Johnson explained. “He’s an experienced guy, he’s older and he can really kill you scrambling and running the ball. He’s got a really strong arm, but he has really hurt people when they get out of their rush lanes and when he pulls the thing down and runs. The quarterback and tailback are good players and they’ll be huge on the offensive line.”

Jamaal Williams and the offensive line got a brief mention, but Johnson’s focus was clearly on Nelson. Johnson sent more praise Nelson’s way later in the press conference.

“He is pretty good at [passing and rushing] and will kill you if you don’t contain him,” Johnson said. “He’s got great speed, is a great athlete and really hurts people when he gets out of the pocket.”

During the entire press conference, Hoffman’s name never escaped Johnson’s breath.

Hoffman has four 100-yard receiving games this season. Two of his best games have come the last two weeks against BYU’s two top 10 foes. In six of eight games, Hoffman has a reception of 20 yards or longer. He is on pace to have over 1,000 yards receiving this season.

Maybe Johnson has accepted that stopping Hoffman is impossible. Therefore, the only way to stop him is to stop the quarterback from throwing an accurate pass his way. It is dumbfounding that any college football coach would not emphasize to his defense that covering Hoffman isn’t their top priority.

That could be happening “behind closed doors,” but in the press conference Hoffman seemed to be the least of his concerns.

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