Poll Results: Who impressed you the most against Oregon State?

Cody Hoffman was overwhelmingly (57%) chosen as the most impressive player in the Brigham Young Cougars game against Oregon State. The other fourty-three percent of the vote was pretty evenly split between Brandon Ogletree (13%), Riley Nelson (11%), Michael Alisa (9.5%), and Kyle Van Noy (9.5).

I agree that Cody Hoffman was the most impressive.

While every player on this list impressed, Hoffman made multiple tough grabs. He had the highest receiving yardage total (162) by a BYU player in three years (Dennis Pitta, 175, Nov. 1, 2008, at Colorado State). He had more receiving yards than Austin Collie ever had in a game as a Cougar (156). When the game ended, I had the feeling that Hoffman could do anything.

Ogletree would have been my second most impressive player. He made an interception, forced two fumbles, made 1.5 tackles-for-loss. He was second on the team with 6 tackles.

Alisa is third on my list. Oregon State doesn't have a good defense, but rushing for 84 yards on 20 carries and one touchdown on the road against a Pac-12 team means something. The biggest drawback with Alisa was his longest run was only 10 yards.

Nelson come in fourth on my list. He had a good passing day, and was a true dual threat with 87 yards rushing on 12 carries. His yards per attempt was good, but not great, and he threw a pick-6 that tied the game at halftime.

Van Noy would be last on my list. He had the interception with a big return. He also made a big stop for -11 yards. The thing about Van Noy is my expectations are so high, now, that he has to do a lot for me to be impressed.

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