A Nickname For Kyle Van Noy

Brigham Young Cougars linebacker Kyle Van Noy, yet again, made a couple of big plays in BYU's most recent game at Oregon State. This sophomore is proving he is the real deal. Big plays have become a regular occurrence for the super athletic Van Noy. In addition to his big play and athletic capabilities, he has become a fan favorite. It is about time the fans come up with a nickname for Van Noy.

Cougar Nation, let's work together on this. I will give a few suggestions below to help get the ball rolling, and hopefully help you come up with some ideas. As the ideas come, don't be shy. Share them in the comment section below.

There is no perfect formula for what makes a good nickname. Some are a play on a person's name. For example:
Kyle "The Vanquisher" Van Noy or Van Noy the Vanquisher
Van No-no (as he stops one more drive by the opposition)
A play on a his number (3) is another alternative.
The Three Name Beast
Triple Threat (pass rush, pass coverage, rush stopper)
Other nicknames just sound cool and intimidating. They can allude to a player's greatness or specific strength.
The Playmaker
What are your ideas?

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  1. how about just the "Void" because he seemingly comes from nowhere. Not to mention after his hits, the opposing player is left in a void for awhile.

  2. how about "The Annoyer", I'm sure that opposing players and/or coaches at some point during the games just think "This guy is annoying".

  3. Kyle Van Noid. Avoid the Noid!

  4. Dr. No as in no you are not going to run on me. As in no, you are not going to throw on me. No, the door is not open.

  5. I like Aaron Taylor's nickname for Van Noy.

    "Van Noy Convoy"

    (see: http://www.bloodrunsblue.com/2011/10/14/meet-the-mascot-oregon-state/)

  6. Maybe it's his visor, but something just makes me think Darth Vader.

  7. the Van Noy Convoy

  8. the Pretender, because the schedule is so weak for the remainder of the year

  9. "Noy Vey?" (C'mon, it's what the Jewish opponents say.) No, you don't like that one?

    How about, "Maxi Van"? (Opposite of mini-van.) "Ram Van" (type of Dodge van).

    Hmmm, could we call him "Dodge?" It's a type of "Van" and it sort of describes his toughness and ability to evade blockers.

  10. KVN

    Short and Simple

  11. Kyle "Android" Van Noy

  12. A play on a previous comment "Van Noyer." You can extend to verb usage as well. For example, that guy has been "Van Noyiong" offenses all season! Turn it in to a noun and a verb and you have the "Jimmer" magic.

  13. Somehow "annoy" doesn't seem enough like a football term. It applies more to an ex-wife than to a linebacker. I could see "K-Van," sort of like A-Rod.

    Maybe K-Van could morph into "Caveman."


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