Poll Results: Should Jake Heaps get benched?

The majority voted in favor of keeing Jake Heaps as the starter (64%). To be fair, most of the votes received came before the Utah State game Friday night. When the game started, the percentage of votes in favor of not benching Heaps was 67%. While a dip from 67% to 64% doesn't appear to be substantial, I calculate that 60% of voters who voted after the Utah State game voted in favor of benching Heaps.

The Utah State game changed my vote.

As I wrote during the week, I thought Heaps should still be the starter. I believed that with proper coaching, he would overcome the challenges he was facing and play up to his potential. After Heaps continued to be ineffective and Riley Nelson came off the bench and won the game, I am ready to sit Heaps and let him work though his problems off the field.

Nelson won the game in spite of many challenges. Trailing by 11 with just 20 minutes to play. Your field goal kicker missed a field goal. Your running back fumbled in scoring territory with under four minutes to play. You started the final drive at your own 4-yard line, with one timeout, and only about 2:30 to play. While his running ability was an asset, he won the game throwing the ball.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "Besides the winning TD, which play was the biggest to win the Utah State game?"

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  1. I still disagree with benching Heaps. As we have seen happen with BYU opponents all season, when a back up quarterback offers a different skill set, it can cause problems for a defense that spent all week preparing for the starter.

    You say the Nelson won the game throwing the ball, and if you mean the game winning play was a pass, then you are correct. But in reality, Nelson one the game by BOTH running the ball (giving the defense fits) and throwing the ball (which in a few instances, such the deep ball to Jacobson, was made possible by his running ability).

    Don't get me wrong, Nelson won the game - and he was exactly what the team needed at that time. He had the necessary skill set to win the game. But I don't think he is a long term solution. Sure, against teams like San Jose St. he will probably do fine, but when we play against Oregon St., TCU, and Hawaii, if they prepare for Nelson's style of play, I don't think he will effective.

    I still think Nelson has earned the right to be a more involved part of the offense, but I think Heaps should retain the starting position. But from the first snap on, he has to earn his playing time for the rest of the game. If he is not effective in moving the ball, then it is time to try the quarterback with a different skill set (i.e. Nelson) and give him a chance to catch the defense off guard.


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