Poll Results: Besides the winning TD, which play was the biggest to win the Utah State game?

The 40-yard pass to McKay Jacobson was voted the biggest play, besides the winning TD, that helped win the Utah State Game with 58% of the votes. Stopping the fake field goal was second with 24%, and the first touchdown pass to Cody Hoffman was last with 18%.

While I can understand why the majority would vote for the 40-yard pass, my vote would be with the minority.

I think the biggest play was the first touchdown pass by Riley Nelson to Cody Hoffman. It was a great pass and a great catch. Without this TD BYU isn't in a position for a winning touchdown, since Utah State had an 11 point lead. Perhaps the most important, in my opinion, is that this TD gave the team confidence that they could drive 96 yards in less than three minutes to win the game. No matter what the circumstances, that kind of drive is always impressive. Knowing that they had already moved the ball and finished a drive made it that much easier to believe they could do it again.

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  1. The reason I didn't vote for that was because it wasn't a due or die situation. I can't remember exactly, but I think they still had a few downs to make a play if it didn't work. The last drive though, they needed a pass like that. It was an amazing catch though.


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