Poll Results: Which would you prefer? (Big XII or TV)

This poll has closed, and the majority (58%) said they would prefer to see BYU join the Big XII than have access to watch every football game.

Add my vote to seeing BYU join the Big XII.

I am really enjoying the visibility of BYU this year, but I don’t think that visibility would ever be as valuable and beneficial to BYU as being a Big XII member would. Plus, the whole concept that all, or almost all, BYU football games will be broadcast nationwide and immediately available anytime through BYU-TV is new. In other words, I don’t feel I would be giving up something big for the Big XII because I am not losing something I have enjoyed my whole life.

BYU just came out of the contract with the Mtn. that greatly restricted the ability to view games if you were outside the Rocky Mountain region. If fans had immediate, or same day, access to only 3-8 games per year that is still an improvement over the last several years. As a fan, I would be willing to pay that price for my Cougars to be part of the inner circle of college football.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll: “Who impressed you the most against Oregon State?”

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