BYU-Idaho State Post-Game Podcast

Final commentary and insights into the Brigham Young Cougars' 56-3 victory over the Idaho State Bengals.

This podcast tackles the following issues:

1. Why BYU fans probably aren't overly ecstatic about this win.
2. Why the run game was troubling despite good looking stats.
3. Time of possession
4. Why isn't Jordan Pendleton getting more love.
5. The number of 90+ yard touchdown drives.

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  1. I agree that Pendleton has been playing great, not only last week, but the last two weeks before that as well. It's nice to see him reemerge, after some various struggles with injuries.

    The running woes may be due to the coaches focusing more on improving the passing game during this kind of tune-up game.

    Some of the other problems are alarming, but I think we need to remember that the reason you have games like this is to work out those little kinks, to hopefully prevent them from happening when they really matter (i.e. against TCU). I still agree, though, that the game was not as clean and crisp as we would hope against a low quality opponent.

    I think it is encouraging that BYU has so many 90+ scoring drives. It is good to know when they are backed into a whole, they can dig themselves out of it.

    BYU did get some votes in the polls this there going to be a reaction to the rankings post?


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