BYU Football: Did you know? (Interception Return Yards)

Brigham Young Cougars linebacker Kyle Van Noy had a 43-yard interception return against Oregon State. He has totaled 79 return yards on three interceptions in the first seven games of 2011.
Did you know that Van Noy’s 79 interception return yards is the most by a BYU player with three or fewer interceptions in a season since 2002?
Jon Burbidge had 93 yards on two interceptions in 2002. Burbidge returned one of his interceptions 80 yards for a touchdown against New Mexico.

In 2009, Andrew Rich had 91 interception return yards, but that was on four interceptions.

Here is a list of BYU’s interception leaders going back to 2002. Notice that two players had more interceptions than Van Noy, but less yards.
2010: Andrew Rich, 5 int., 69 yards
2009: Andrew Rich, 4 int., 91 yards
2009: Brian Logan, 3 int., 59 yards
2008: David Nixon, 3 int., 21 yards
2007: Bryan Kehl, 3 int., 75 yards
2006: Justin Robinson, 4 int., 69 yards
2005: Justin Luettgerodt, 3 int., 54 yards
2004: Micha Alba, 3 int., 24 yards
2003: Aaron Francisco, 3 int., 42 yards
2002: Kip Nielsen, 3 int., 50 yards
2002: Jon Burbidge, 2 int., 93 yards

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