Poll Results: What are BYU's chances to beat TCU?

From the six percentage ranges, the 25-49% chance range received the most votes totaling 31% of the vote. The second most was 50% with 24% of the votes. The 51-75% range was next with 19% of the total vote, followed by 76-99% with 12% of the vote. The final two percentage ranges, 100% and 0-24%, tied with 7% each.

My vote before the game would have been for the 25-49% range. The reality, I think, was different.

First, I felt the 25-49% range was appropriate because the three previous losses were so bad. Sure, TCU wasn't as good as years past, but the gap had been so wide, at least on the scoreboard. I thought BYU could beat TCU, but the odds were less than 50%.

Now, with the game we just saw on Friday, I thought BYU really had a 51-75% chance of winning. BYU still had a reasonable chance, considering how much momentum they had going, to win the game, even with all the odd breakdowns that happened. I like BYU's chances in a "normal" game.

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