The Strength of Joe Sampson

Sampson is the Greek spelling of Samson. As we all know, Samson is the Biblical character known for his great strength. Brigham Young Cougars cornerback Joe Sampson displayed his great strength Friday night against UCF.

Sampson is still new to the BYU football team, so his reps are limited. Even in his limited role, he had a huge impact on the game.

Sampson’s first impact play came with 3:51 left in the first quarter. The score was tied 3-3, but UCF was driving. The Knights were moving the ball, and poised to enter scoring territory again. It was 2nd-and-10 when Sampson came flying, under the radar, into the UCF backfield off the left side of the line and changed everything.

This nine yard sack by Sampson crushed the Knights momentum and effectively killed that drive. One play later UCF punted the ball.

Late in the game, BYU held a 24-17 lead, but UCF was on the move. The Knights had just entered the red zone. On 1st-and-10 at the BYU 17-yard line, UCF handed the ball off. Finding nothing open in the middle of the field, the back tried to bounce the play to the outside. Sampson reacted and met the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage and brought him down for no gain.

On the very next play, the UCF quarterback looked downfield to pass. Finding no one open, he rolled right. Eventually, he spotted a receiver running to the goal line and let the ball go.

As the video shows, Sampson was in perfect position to make a play on the ball, with or without the tip by Kyle Van Noy. Sampson’s interception with 2:55 to play in the game ended this UCF threat, and went a long way to securing the win for BYU.

Sampson’s stats for the game weren’t overwhelmingly impressive (3 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception). However, the way he accumulated those stats was. He is quickly becoming an overpowering asset on defense.

None of Samson's enemies had an answer for Samson on the battle field. His strength was too great to contain. Like his namesake, Joe Sampson has great strength. On Friday, the UCF Knights found it very hard to contain his strength. Sampson channeled his strength on the field of LaVell Edwards Stadium to help slay 105 UCF Knights.

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