Poll Results: Who should take the most blame for the Utah loss?

Offensive coordinator Brandon Doman edged out Jake Heaps by the slimest of margins (44% to 43%) as the one who should take the most blame for BYU's loss to Utah. The running backs received the remaining 13%.

I put the most blame on Jake Heaps.

In the first quarter, he gave Utah a touchdown. Heaps could have taken BYU down the field for a score just before halftime to really take control of the game, but he didn't. During the third quarter he did nothing as Utah extended its lead from four points at half time to 20 points, 30-10. Then, as the third quarter was ending, Heaps fumbled the ball inside the BYU 10-yard line. The defense held Utah to a field goal after the Heaps fumble. Heaps came back on the field and did little to lead any kind of comeback.

With as bad as Heaps was playing, I don't think it mattered how good or bad Doman called plays. Heaps didn't execute.

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