BYU Needs The Mind of A Champion

The Brigham Young Cougars have shown during the first two weeks of the 2011 season that they can match up physically with any team in the country. Whether it be an SEC team with one of the biggest and best offensive lines in the country, or a Texas team that annually signs some of the very best high school talent in the country. BYU has played these teams tough, and in some respects even outplayed them. There is little question whether the BYU Cougars belong on the field with these teams.

The weakness of the 2011 BYU football team is mental. BYU lacks the mind of a champion.

Last Saturday, BYU went ahead of the Texas Longhorns 13-0 with 11:41 to play in the second quarter. BYU was in complete control. The game ended 17-16 in Texas’ favor. BYU went from totally dominating to totally disappointing because they were not mentally prepared.

BYU was not mentally prepared to be in front of 100,000 stunned fans. The BYU sideline was likewise stunned. Instead of thinking, “We are playing well; here’s what we need to do to make this a 20-0 game,” BYU was worrying, “This can’t be happening; I hope we can hold on long enough to win.” BYU didn’t believe they were this good, and that they belonged with the nation’s elite.

The mind of a champion isn’t surprised by any amount of success. A champion knows it is good and is anxious to prove it in every competition. The mind of a champion isn’t scared of failure.

A football team shows that it has the mind of a champion by the way it plays. If the team has the mind of a champion, it will:
  • Convert 3rd downs;
  • Finish drives with touchdowns;
  • Pick up blitzes;
  • Change the snap count;
  • React and adjust (both offensively and defensively) to changes made by the opponent during the game.
If the team has the mind of a champion it will not:
  • Commit dumb penalties, especially when the game is on the line;
  • Become conservative with its play calling;
  • Miss tackles;
  • Miss open receivers.
Bronco Mendenhall has made it a goal to win a national championship. The biggest deficiency in his team right now is mental. BYU can sign players just as big, just as fast, and just as smart as those signed by the elite programs, but without the mind of a champion it will all be for naught. Until BYU can fully develop the mind of a champion, they will not win a national championship.

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  1. Very true, and unfortunately, I don't think Heaps really has it in him to be a "champion."


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