Reaction to the Rankings: Week 1 (2011)

The Brigham Young Cougars are now 1-0. That has done little to improve BYU’s standing in the national polls.

The Cougars are still part of the “Others receiving votes” in both the Associated Press (AP) and the USA Today polls. They were 33rd and 43rd in the preseason polls. BYU is now 32nd and 44th, respectively.

This position is fair. BYU may have won on Saturday, but, even as glorified as the SEC is, BYU did not play like a top 25 team. Neither did Auburn and Missouri, but they are still ranked in at least one poll. 

I would like to know what Utah did to get more points that BYU in the coaches poll. Is that a result of Pac-12 affiliation?

This week BYU goes on the road to play Texas (number 24 in the AP and 21 in the USA Today). A win just might get BYU ranked.

What is your reaction to the rankings?

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  1. The rankings are heavily biased and manifestly unfair. This is doubly true (at least) early in the season.

    Still, I think it's reasonable that we are not yet ranked. After we've beaten Texas, then maybe. After we beat Texas and Utah, then surely we will be ranked. After we beat Texas, Utah, and UCF, we will be knocking on the top ten.

  2. I am actually a little surprised. Not because I thought they would be different, but because I looked at them and thought that BYU had moved up a little. And then you go and point out that they are basically right where they were before. I guess I should have looked a little closer.


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