Poll Results: How do you rate Jake Heaps' play against Ole Miss?

Brigham Young Cougars quarterback Jake Heaps was "average" in the season opening game at Ole Miss according to 67% of poll voters. Heaps was "bad" in the eyes of 18% of voter, and "good" according to 13%. The final 2% was split between "very good" and "very bad."

I agree with the 2/3 majority that Heaps was average.

I thought it was real easy to come away from the game thinking that Heaps had played a bad game. The interception that was returned for a touchdown, and the fact that the defense scored the winning points were two really big plays that took a lot of luster off of the win for Heaps. The entire of body of work, however, isn't bad.

Heaps passed for 225 yards. If the defense had merely forced a put with five minutes to play, and the game was still on the line, then Heaps probably finishes in the 250-275 yard range. With the way Heaps and the offense was moving the ball, especially in the second half, there is no reason to assume Heaps would not have passed for those yards.

Heaps was just 11 of 22 for 74 yards in the first half, which isn't very pretty. However, I put less emphasis on these numbers then I normally would for two reasons. One, this is the first game of the season. When playing a real team, passing game numbers are typically down in the first half of a season opener. Two, Heaps came back in the second half and lit it up (except for the interception). Heaps was 13 of 16 for 151 yards and 1 touchdown and 1 interception in the second half. You can say that the two halves balance themselves out.

Any bad in Heaps' play was balanced with good, which comes out in the end as average.

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