Poll Results: Would you trade the Ole Miss win for a win against Texas?

This poll was very close and went down to the wire. In the end, 51% of voters said they would trade the Ole Miss win for a win against Texas.

I, too, would switch the results of the two games.

That is especially true after the way the Utah game turned out. Sure, Ole Miss is an SEC team, but a bad one. Even if Texas finishes this year with the same record as last year, a win against the Longhorns would have garnered the same respect. However, after Texas whipped UCLA on Saturday, this year's Texas team should finish the year with a pretty good record. A non-conference win on the road against a ranked team like Texas would be more satisfying than the win at Ole Miss.

I also think it would be easier for BYU to bounce back after the ugly Utah loss if the loss to the Utes wasn't the second loss in a row.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "Who should take the most blame for the Utah loss?"

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