Poll Results: Who will score BYU's first points this season.

The leading vote getter was J.J. Di Luigi with 27%. He was followed by Ross Apo with 20%. Joshua "Juice" Quezada came in third with 16%. Cody Hoffman (11%), Justin Sorensen (10%), Bryan Kariya (8%), McKay Jacobson (5%), and Jake Heaps (3%) were the other players receiving votes.

As we know now, Ross Apo scored BYU's first points this year by catching a 19-yard pass from Jake Heaps. Congratulations to the 20% who voted for Apo.

My vote would have been for Sorensen.
Had he made his field goal attempt, I would have been right. I imagined the BYU offense would do exactly what it did: drive the ball, but be unable to finish drives; therefore, Sorensen would kick a field goal to get BYU's first points. It was a season opener on the road. My memory is that early in the year, BYU, typically, has a hard time finishing drives.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "How do you rate Jake Heaps' play against Ole Miss?"

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