Reaction to the Rankings: Week 2 (2011)

The Brigham Young Cougars fell to 1-1 on the field, but they didn't fall in the national rankings. 

The Cougars are still part of the “Others receiving votes” in both the Associated Press (AP) and the USA Today polls. They were 33rd and 43rd in the preseason polls. BYU was 32nd and 44th after week one. Now, the AP poll has BYU 33rd again, and the USA Today poll has the Cougars in their best position yet at 42nd.

I thought BYU would not be on any voter's ballot after the loss to Texas. For that reason, I wasn't even planning to do a R2R this week. Therefore, I won't complain about anything. I appreciate the respect a few voters have to put BYU on their ballots. I think we are seeing one of the early benefits of playing on ESPN. Voters are using more than just the box score to judge how good BYU is.

This week BYU plays Utah. I don't see a win getting BYU enough votes to be ranked, even if it is of the 56-6 variety. 

What is your reaction to the rankings?

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