Sports Illustrated joins the Taysom Hill lovefest

Taysom Hill getting NFL game experience has gone from a regional feel-good story among BYU Cougars and New Orleans Saints fans to a national story. Okay, maybe not quite that far, but he is getting some coverage in a very reputable national sports magazine.

Hill made his professional debut nearly three weeks ago in a game against the Carolina Panthers amidst established NFL stars and star-studded rookies. Yet, even while playing just special teams, Hill seized the attention of the broadcast crew. For the next several minutes it was a Taysom Hill lovefest. It included an anecdotal story about the Saints head coach saying Hill was the heir apparent to Drew Brees. Hill continued to make plays, and he had captivated Who Dat Nation and reawakened the love of Cougar Nation. The lovefest carried over into social media.

Now, Sports Illustrated has dedicated some space in its December 18, 2017, issue to Hill. It turns out, he is not the first former college quarterback to play on special teams. The image below is just half of the story. For the list of other college quarterbacks who became NFL special team stars, pick up a copy of the magazine, or just wait a few more days until the complete issue ends up on the SI Vault.

Although the publication is dated December 18, the magazine had to go to print before the Saints played the New York Jets on December 17. Hill made another tackle in that contest to bring his season total to three.

Hill was caught fielding kicks during warmups at the Jets game, too. Perhaps, his role on special teams will be expanding in the final two games of the season, or the playoffs.

There are six college quarterbacks turned special teams stars on the other side of the page. Four of them actually returned kicks and punts with a lot of success. Two, however, were almost exclusively part of the coverage teams, and making tackles was their main contribution on special teams.

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