BYU vs. San Jose State: 5 Questions

Photo credit: BYU Photo

The BYU Cougars are still looking for win number two as they take on the San Jose State Spartans this Saturday. Here are five questions to keep in mind while cheering on the Cougars.

1. Will BYU continue adding to history?

This season has been one for the history books, but not in a good way. The lack of offensive production and the string of losses. BYU hasn't lost eight straight games since losing 10 straight from 1955-56.

Like East Carolina last week, San Jose State is desperate for a win. It would be monumental for BYU to lose again to a team considered one of the absolute worst in the nation.

2. Did BYU make a breakthrough in the passing game?

Thanks to a lot of garbage time yards, BYU finally snapped that string of sub-200 yard passing games last week. While that production was meaningless on the outcome last week, could it be the breakthrough BYU needed to score points and win games the rest of this season?

It had to be a relief for Tanner Mangum to move the ball with some consistency through the air. Downfield throws have to become the norm, not the exception, for BYU to score points and win games. Will Cougar fans see the 2015 Mangum on Saturday as a result of the fourth quarter passing results?

3. Can BYU deliver the state of Utah sweep?

San Jose State has already played the other two FBS football programs from Utah this year. The Spartans have been overwhelmed in each of those games by a combined score of 115-26 (Utah, 54-16; Utah State 61-10).

Can BYU make it a clean sweep for the state of Utah, and can the Cougars continue the trend of winning in demoralizing fashion?

4. Will the BYU defense generate turnovers?

San Jose State has been very careless with the football this season. The Spartans have turned the ball over 24 times in their seven losses.

The Cougar defense has done a little better job creating turnovers lately, and it usually turns out pretty well. BYU scored a touchdown after Grant Jones' interception against Boise State. The same thing happened after one of Dayan Ghanwoloku's interceptions at Mississippi State, and after Adam Pulsipher's fumble recovery last week.

More turnovers, especially early in the game, can help BYU build, and maintain, the lead. It is always easier to play with the lead than from behind.

5. Will Ula Tolutau play?

News broke this week that BYU's starting running back was charged with possession of marijuana, but that was three weeks ago. BYU coaches, reportedly, were already aware of what happened, and it hasn't affected his playing time.

From the reports, there isn't any evidence that he broke the Honor Code. It is University policy to not comment on such situations, so nothing is known about what has taken place behind the scenes. However, now that this incident has gone viral, will BYU feel pressured to have Tolutau sit out?

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