BYU Football: Did you know? (Consecutive games with 200 yards passing)

Jim McMahon, BYU QB 1977-81 (USATSI)

As the BYU Cougars went through prolonged offensive struggles in 2017, a dubious streak drew increasingly more attention as it was extended week after week. That streak was the number of games that BYU did not pass for 200 yards in a game. Until Tanner Mangum had 319 yards passing at East Carolina, BYU went 13 straight games against FBS opponents without passing for 200 yards, and 10 straight games, regardless of opponent, without passing for 200 yards.

Once upon a time, 200 yards passing was the minimum for BYU.
Did you know that BYU used to hold the NCAA record for most consecutive games passing for 200 yards or more with 64 straight games?
That streak started in game two of the 1980 season (September 13 vs. San Diego State) and went through game seven of the 1985 season (October 19 vs. New Mexico). In that final game, Robbie Bosco set a school record for most passing yards in a game (585). If bowl games were included then, as they are now, the streak would have been 69 games. BYU passed for at least 328 yards in its five bowls during this run.

Some other notable features of this streak are:
  • It spanned the careers of Jim McMahon, Steve Young, and Robbie Bosco. 
  • BYU never passed for fewer than 215 yards during the streak (1982 vs. Air Force).
  • BYU passed for a total of 23,392 yards (25,257 with bowl games) and averaged 365.5 yards per game (366 with bowl games).
  • BYU passed for over 500 yards eight times; over 400 yards 19 times; over 300 yards 46 times (one 400 and four 300 yard passing games in the bowls).
  • BYU won 57 games and lost seven during this record setting streak (61-8 including bowl games).
  • BYU had the two longest winning streaks in school history during these 64 games (17 games from 1980-81, and 25 games from 1983-85). 
This NCAA record is currently held by Texas Tech with 121 games (10/21/00 to 9/11/10).

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