Poll Results: Will Phil Ford play football at BYU?

An overwhelming majority of voters (75%) think Phil Ford will play football for the Brigham Young Cougars. Just 8% voted "No," and the remaining 17% were undecided.

My vote goes to "Yes."

Ford is a Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) football player. He has the size and the talent, which explains why he had scholarship offers from FBS schools coming out of high school.

Grades and not having a scholarship available could complicate Ford's arrival at the Y. Poor grades is the reason he is not at a FBS school right now. My guess is with his new found motivation Ford will earn the grades necessary to qualify at BYU.

Does BYU have a scholarship available for Ford? The Cougars have four senior offensive linemen on the roster this year. At least two will be starters. Brayden Kearsley and Keegan Hicks are the only offensive linemen that have committed to BYU for the 2013 recruiting class. As a junior college transfer, Ford should be ready to come in and compete immediately for a starting spot on the line. Kearsley and Hicks are coming from high school and may not be able to step in right away. If Ford doesn't end up at BYU, it doesn't look like lack of a scholarship would be the reason.

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