Poll Results: How much does a four team playoff help BYU?

How much does a four team playoff help BYU? None, according to 40% of the voters in last week's poll. "A little" came in second with 25% of the vote, and "It hurts BYU" was third with 20%. The remaining votes went to "Some" (8%) and "A lot" (7%).

My vote goes to "a little."

I guess my question now, since 60 percent of the voters selected "none" and "It hurts BYU," is how does the four team playoff not help BYU?

Under the current BCS set up, BYU has to finish ranked in the top 2 to play for a national championship. Now, BYU can play for it all if it finishes in the top 4. History shows this isn't very likely, but it is more likely that BYU finishes in the top 4 than the top 2. That is the benefit I see. Other than that, everything is status quo.

BYU will still have to fight the stereotypes and biases that grip the sport, and do the, nearly, impossible and finish the season undefeated. However, if BYU can continue to regularly win 10 games or more in a season, including a bowl win, then, I think, the national respect will be there to get BYU into the top four following an undefeated run.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "How accurate is the Sporting News' ranking of Bronco Mendenhall as 15th best college football coach?"

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