Poll Results: Which former BYU Cougar will have the best NFL career?

Of the four Brigham Young Cougars who signed free agent contracts following the NFL draft, Matt Reynolds was voted as the one who will have the best professional career. The new Carolina Panthers offensive lineman received 42% of the votes. Hebron Fangupo was second with 34% of the vote, followed by McKay Jacobson at 21% and Terrence Brown with the remaining 3%.

While I will be rooting for all four equally, I think Fangupo will be the one who has the best career.

Fangupo and Reynolds received similar ratings and most mock drafts projected them to be selected about the same time. What separated Fangupo and Reynold in my mind was that Fangupo is less polished. Reynolds started four full seasons in college. It is hard to expect Reynolds to suddenly become much better than he was at BYU. On the other hand, Fangupo had just one year of significant playing experience at the FBS level. He has significant room for improvement (footwork), but once that improvement is made, Fangupo could be wildly successful. He has all the other tools needed to thrive as a pro.

As for the others, Reynolds has the potential to make the Panther’s 53-man roster, and last awhile in the NFL.

Jacobson is in a good situation with the Philadelphia Eagles. He fits the profile of the Philly wide receivers. It will be hard to take playing time away from Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson, but Jacobson could find a way to stick for awhile.

Brown is in a precarious situation. The Miami Dolphins have been a mess of an organization the last decade. Many, myself included, think Brown is lucky to even be in camp. I think his chances are small to make the team, and, even if he does, how much success can we expect for a guy in an organization like Miami?

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