Poll Results: How accurate is the Sporting News' ranking of Bronco Mendenhall as 15th best college football coach?

The Sporting News accurately ranked Brigham Young Cougars’ head coach Bronco Mendenhall according to 70% of poll voters. Slightly more voters thought the no. 15 ranking was too low (16%) than the number of voters who thought the ranking was too high (14%).

My vote would be “just right,” maybe slightly too low.

I quickly scanned the list of college football teams and picked about 13 coaches I thought were better or equal to Mendenhall.

It can be easy to knit pick at Mendenhall’s tenure to justify voting “too low.” However, putting him below no. 15 would be exaggerating those flaws. Bob Stoops (Oklahoma) is guilty of many of the same flaws and he is no. 5 on the list. Even if you are not happy with Mendenahall, you should admit that not many coaches have as good of results as him.

Excessively extolling his virtues to justify a top 10 ranking is also out of place. It isn’t a stretch to say Mendenahall could have and should have won a handful more games in his career. Even if he hadn’t reached a BCS bowl, Mendenahall could have moved up into the top 10 had he foiled Utah’s 2008 and TCU’s 2009 BCS runs. Even with all the good that Mendenhall has done, he has fallen short of his capability sometimes.

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