Poll Results: Will the two rugby players make the team?

The fans have spoken, and 61% think both Paul Lasike and Ray Forrester from the BYU Rubgy team will be members of the Brigham Young Cougars football team this fall. Exactly one-third (33%) think only Lasike will make the team, and 6% of the voters thought neither Lasike nor Forrester will make the 2012 Cougar squad.

I am not so optimistic. My vote would be for only Lasike.

The biggest reason for my support of Lasike is that he has caught the coaches’ eye. He has been mentioned multiple times by coaches in interviews. Clearly, he is doing some good things on the field during practice. My second reason for thinking Lasike will make the team is the position he plays. Lately, BYU has been thin at fullback. Besides Lasike, there are only three other fullbacks. Two are seniors, and two (a different set of two) are unproven. Lasike can also contribute on special teams.

On the other hand, Forrester is undersized for a nose tackle, but still too big to be much of a special teams contributor. Also, BYU is loaded at the defensive line. The current roster has 12 defensive linemen, including Forrester, and at least two more will join the team in the fall. Ezekiel Ansah is listed as a linebacker on the current roster, but he has been playing a lot of defensive line this spring and making plays while he does it. Forrester may be capable of becoming a good football player, but it appears the current circumstances won’t allow that to happen at BYU.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll: “Despite injuries, has BYU had a successful spring?”

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  1. Don't know why either of these guys would leave a perennially top 2 ranked rugby program to play for a solid but, also ran football program.

  2. They're still on the Rugby team.

  3. I know they are on the rugby team. But why screw up a great opportunity with rugby to dabble in football?


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