Poll Results: Who should be the #2 quarterback in 2012?

Exactly one-half of the voters selected senior James Lark to be the #2 quarterback behind senior Riley Nelson in the coming 2012 season. Not far behind was freshman Taysom Hill with 46%. Junior Jason Munns received the final 4% of the vote.

My vote goes to James Lark for one simple reason.

The number two quarterback should be the second best quarterback on the team. When the 2012 season starts that quarterback will be Lark. He has four years of college football experience. He has some game experience.

Taysom Hill is a true freshman. As spring practice starts today, Hill will get his first taste of college football. While Hill has some great physical skills and could become a much better quarterback than even Riley Nelson, his lack of experience is holding him back from being the number two quarterback in 2012. He is also going through the acclimation period following a mission.

As the season progresses, Hill may surpass Lark and become the team’s second best quarterback. That, however, is yet to be seen. If it does happen, then it will be towards the latter end of the year. At that point, it is perfectly fine to move Hill up to number two on the depth chart.

Lark and Jason Munns have both been on the roster the last two years, and each year Lark has come out of fall camp ahead of Munns on the depth chart. No reason to expect that to change this year.

Thinking ahead and preparing a starter for 2013 is important, but when the games are being played the priority is to use the guy who gives you the best chance to win. Lark is that guy.

Thanks to everyone who voted. Don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll: “Which position group are you watching the closest during spring practices?”

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  1. I think if Bronco, has in fact, scraped the drop back QB roll from BYU's rich tradition past, then why would you want a pocket passer as the backup? Believe me I don't like for a minute the new direction of the offense, but you wlll end up with same problem we had with Heaps and Nelson. Don't we learn from past mistakes??????


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