Poll Results: What position group are you watching the closest during spring practices?

The running backs ran away as the position group being watched the closest during spring practices. The 36% received by running backs was 13 percent more than the 23% received by the quarterbacks. The offensive line came in third with 21%. The rest of the votes went to defensive backs (7.5%), linebackers (5%), and defensive line, tight end, and wide receivers with 2.5% each.

Running back is number one on my list as well.

First, the running backs have the most work to do. Not only did the running backs unit receive the lowest position grade during 2011, this is the position group that I rated being least ready for the 2012 season.

Second, there are several intriguing questions about the running backs this spring. Can Joshua Quezada bounce back? Is Michael Alisa going to be the number one back in 2012? Will the wait finally be over for Adam Hine? Can Paul Lasike make the transition from rugby to football? Iona Pritchard is back earlier than expected from injury. How much can he help?

The quarterbacks do offer some compelling storylines. How Riley Nelson's progress and the direction the team will take under his leadership this offseason?  What will Taysom Hill and Ammon Olsen look like? Has Lark continued to improve behind the scenes?

The deciding factor for me is that I think the answers to the running back questions will have a bigger impact on the outcome of games in the 2012 season than the answers to the quarterback questions.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "How big of a role will O'Neill Chambers have in 2012?"

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  1. ONeil Chambers should make a huge difference.
    I hope that Mendenhall has truly reconciled with Chambers. I really admire the quality of American African athletes showing up at BYU.
    Let's face it, BYU, with its high academic standards and its honor code is in a field of its own compared to other colleges, that will offer anything to its star athletes. Like Kresmir Cosic found out, not only do you give up the fringe benefits, you have to take humiliation.
    ONeil has gone through the Mendenhall school of repentance, I hope he is allowed to become the defensive secondary player we have lacked for years! If he has the timing anywhere near Brian Logan, this year may be the best defensive ever for the coug's.
    I really hope that "building character" goes hand in hand with developing the talent of these players. Edwards obviously found ways to get these non conforming athletes to shine! and even sheilded them.


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