Friday Mailbag: Spring Injuries, O’Neill Chambers, and Bronco Mendenhall sets a Record

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On to the mailbag.

I hope what you said about the team developing character from all these injuries actually happens. It would be nice to see something good come from it. It would also be nice to see the players play with more hunger after missing so much time. Maybe that will prevent another 1-2 start.

The players could show up to fall camp with a lot of pent up energy. If that energy is channeled correctly the results of the 2012 season could be better than they would have been without the injuries. Most of them are just “setbacks” and the players have enough time to be back to 100% before fall camp. The psychological side of football, and sports in general, is a mystery, but it can have unexpected results (like BYU starting better than 1-2).


Just wait and see, you are going to be completely wrong about [O’Neill] Chambers. The guy is a fighter. He is going to have an impact this year on more than just special teams.

As I said already, I hope I am wrong. I never want a player to be unsuccessful. Given the circumstances, Chambers is going to have to overcome some long odds to make an impact. It isn’t just me who is saying this. After I gave my opinion, Greg Wrubell appeared on the Rise & Shout podcast and expressed similar sentiments.

To his credit, Chambers had an interception this week in practice. Consistently making big plays is what it will take for Chambers to unseat the incumbents.


Looking at the dates from BYU’s record for consecutive games without being shutout it looks like LaVell [Edwards] and Gary Crowton both had one game where they were shutout. I know BYU wasn’t very good before LaVell came along. Does that make Bronco [Mendenhall] the only BYU head coach not to get shutout? (I hope I didn’t just jinks him.)

That is correct. Bronco Mendenhall is the only BYU football head coach to have his team score every game. No matter how short the other coaches' tenures were, they all suffered at least one shutout. Interestingly, Edwards’ one shutout came during his fourth season, so for Mendenhall to have made it 90 games without being shutout can’t be rationalized away by saying, “Well, he hasn’t coached as long as Edwards did.” (Anyways, this isn't a Bronco vs. LaVell issue, just pointing out a fact.)  Before Mendehall, Tom Hudspeth had gone the longest before being shutout. He wasn’t shutout until his sixth season.

I join you in crossing my fingers that talking about this topic doesn’t result in BYU being shutout this year, or any future year with Mendenhall at the helm.

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