BYU Football: Did you know? (Six Consecutive Shutouts)

The primary goal for the defense on a football team is to stop the other team from scoring. Therefore, the greatest defensive accomplishment is to shutout the other team (allow zero points in a game).
Did you know that the Brigham Young Cougars' record for most consecutive shutouts is six games? 
The six game streak is comprised of the final four games of the 1937 season and the first two games of the 1938 season. The score for each game was as follows:

21-0 vs. Western State (October 30, 1937)
19-0 at Wyoming (November 6, 1937)
54-0 at Utah State (November 13, 1937)
19-0 Montana (November 20, 1937)
19-0 Northern Arizona (September 24, 1938)
20-0 at Denver (September 30, 1938)

Over these six games, BYU outscored its opponents 152-0, or an average score per game of 25.33 to 0.

Interestingly, these games were evenly split (three each) between home and road games.

The 1937 team had a 6-3 record. All six wins were shutouts. The 1937 Cougars' other two wins were 7-0 over the Colorado State Teachers in the season opener (Sept. 25) and 34-0 over U.C. Davis in game three (Oct. 9). BYU failed to score in two of its three losses, meaning the only game of the 1937 season that saw both teams score was the October 23 game at Portland, which Portland won 13-10.

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