Dennis Pitta set to add his name to BYU Super Bowl lore

In less than 24 hours, former Brigham Young Cougars tight end Dennis Pitta will represent BYU in Super Bowl XLVII as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. Pitta is the latest in a long line of Cougars who have competed on football's biggest stage.

Pitta will be the 37th BYU player to play or coach in the Super Bowl. He is the sixth to do so as a tight end (Todd Christensen, Doug Jolley, Chad Lewis, Itula Mili, and Gabe Reid). Just two of these tight ends (Christensen and Jolley), and five former Cougars in all, have caught passes in the Super Bowl. Austin Collie has the most receptions (6) and receiving yards (66) of any BYU player. Jolley has the highest receiving totals for a tight end (5 receptions, 59 yards).

The only time Pitta has faced the San Francisco 49ers was last season (2011) on Thanksgiving Day. He had 2 receptions for 19 yards and 1 touchdown.

Super Bowl XLVII will be the 29th Super Bowl with BYU ties. The Ravens have been in one previous Super Bowl (XXXV). Former BYU tight end Brian Billick was the Ravens' coach in that game. 

Below is a record of the many of the achievements by former BYU Cougars in the Super Bowl. 

Passing Totals: 38-59 (64.4%) 601 yards, 6 TD, 0 Int, 132.1 Rating
Jim McMahon (XX) 12-20 (60.0%) 256 yards, 0 TD, 0 Int, 104.2 Rating
Steve Young (XXIV) 2-3 (66.7%) 20 yards, 0 TD, 0 Int, 85.4 Rating
Steve Young (XXIX) 24-36 (66.7%) 325 yards, 6 TD, 0 Int, 134.8 Rating

Rushing Totals: 19 rushes, 86 yards (4.5 yard average) 2 TD
Bill Ring (XVI) 5 rushes, 17 yards (3.4 ave.) 0 TD
Jim McMahon (XX) 5 rushes, 14 yards (2.8 ave.) 2 TD
Steve Young (XXIV) 4 rushes, 6 yards (1.5 ave.) 0 TD
Steve Young (XXIX) 5 rushes, 49 yards (9.8 ave.) 0 TD

Receiving Totals: 18 receptions, 198 yards (11.0 yard average) 1 TD
Golden Richards (XII) 2 rec., 38 yards (19.0 ave.) 1 TD
Bill Ring (XVI) 1 rec., 3 yards (3.0 ave.) 0 TD
Todd Christensen (XVIII) 4 rec., 32 yards (8.0 ave.) 0 TD
Doug Jolley (XXXVII) 5 rec., 59 yards (11.8 ave.) 0 TD
Austin Collie (XLIV) 6 rec., 66 yards (11.0 ave.) 0 TD

Punt Returns:
Golden Richards (X) 1 return, 5 yards (5.0 yard average)

Punting Totals:
Lee Johnson (XXIII) 5 punts, 221 yards (44.2 average)

Sacks: 2.0 sacks
Jason Buck (XXIII) 1.0 sack
Jason Buck (XXVI) 1.0 sack

Kurt Gouveia (XXVI) 1 interception, 23 yard return

Fumble Recoveries:
Brett Keisel (XLIII) 1 Fumble Recovery

Passes Defensed:
Aaron Francisco (XLIII) 1 Pass Defensed

Tackles: 18 tackles (16 Unassisted, 2 Assisted)
Brett Keisel (XLV) 2 tackles (1 UA)
Brett Keisel (XL) 3 tackles (3 UA)
Chris Hoke (XL) 1 tackle (1 UA)
Rob Morris (XLI) 4 tackles (4 UA)
Brett Keisel (XLIII) 5 tackles (4 UA, 1 A)
Aaron Francisco (XLIII) 1 tackle (1 UA)
Aaron Francisco (XLIV) 2 tackles (2 UA)

Note: The NFL did not start tracking tackles data until the 2001 season. Therefore, tackles made by Jason Buck, Leon White, Kurt Gouveia, Todd Shell, Tom Holmoe, Matt Mendenhall, and Travis Hall are not accounted for.

Most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback, single game: 2, Jim McMahon, Chicago Bears, Super Bowl XX

Longest Punt: 63 Yards, Lee Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals, Super Bowl XXIII

Most Touchdown Passes in One Half (Tie): 4, Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIX
Most Touchdown Passes in One Game: 6, Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIX

Second Most yards per attempt by a quarterback: 12.8, Jim McMahon, Chicago Bears, Super Bowl XX (Terry Bradshaw, 14.7, Super Bowl XIV)

Super Bowl MVPs: 1, Steve Young (Super Bowl XXIX)

Most Super Bowls played in: 3 (Gravelle, Young, Holmoe, Bart Oates, Kiesel, and Hoke).

Former players who coached a Super Bowl: 2, Brian Billick (Baltimore Ravens, Super Bowl XXXV) and Andy Reid (Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl XXXIX).

Number of Super Bowls that both teams have had a former player: 6

Number of times former players have been on the winning team: 23

Number of times former players have been on the losing team: 11

Most former players in one Super Bowl: 6, Super Bowl XXIII (Cincinnati Bengals-3, San Francisco 49ers-3)

Most former players on one Super Bowl team: 4, 49ers (Super Bowl XXIX-Steve Young, Bart Oates, Jamal Willis, and Tim Handshaw) and Eagles (Super Bowl XXXIX-Chad Lewis, Reno Mahe, Ifo Pili, and Coach Andy Reid).

Most consecutive Super Bowls with at least one former player: 13 (Super Bowls XIV-XXVI).

Number of different NFL teams in the Super Bowl with former BYU players: 18

NFL Team with the most former players on Super Bowl teams: San Francisco 49ers (12).

Number of players who played on the 1984 National Championship team and won a Super Bowl: 3 (Kurt Gouveia, Lee Johnson, Leon White)

Only Purdue and Alabama have more former quarterbacks that have won the Super Bowl (3) than BYU (2).

It cannot be denied, BYU has left its footprint on the Super Bowl. Other universities might have a bigger footprint, but the BYU footprint is big enough it must be included in any account of Super Bowl history.  


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