BYU Football: Did you know? (Punts 69 yards or longer)

While few people like to see the punter trot onto the field, almost everyone likes seeing a punter unleash a booming kick that covers a really long distance. For the Brigham Young Cougars, those really, really long punts have come more often against one opponent.
Did you know that BYU has more punts of 69 yards or longer against Wyoming than any other opponent?
BYU has had four punts 69-yards or longer against the Wyoming Cowboys. The only other opponent that BYU has had more than one 69-yard punt is Colorado State (2).

The four punts are as follows:
  1. 80 yards, Lee Johnson, 1983 at Wyoming;
  2. 78 yards, Bill Wright, 1961 at Wyoming;
  3. 74 yards, Earl Kauffman, 1989 at BYU;
  4. 69 yards, Wayne Startin, 1958 at BYU. 
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  1. Playing at 7000 ft in elevation could play a part in this. I wonder if other MWC teams have a similar stat against Wyo.

  2. The elevations at Wyoming (7,200 feet), Colorado State (6,200 ft) and Provo (4800 feet) probably has something to do with that!

  3. I considered adding something about elevation. In the end I didn't because half of the punts were in Provo, and the two in Laramie were so much longer than the 69 yard threshold that it didn't seem reasonable to think they would not have gone 69 yards somewhere closer to sea level.

    I do agree that it would be interesting to see how other MWC teams have punted there.


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