A Sneak Peek at BYU Football 2013

The Brigham Young Cougars will start spring football practices next week. This is the first real preparation for the 2013 season. While kickoff is still six months away, here is a sneak peek at how the 2013 Cougars will look.

The 2013 season will be a major year of transition for the offense with an entirely new coaching staff on that side of the ball, and with a new signal caller under center. The defensive coaching staff is still in tact, but several key players will have to be replaced.

Following the format used last year, this sneak peek looks at the key losses, returning contributors, new players to watch, and goals for each position group in 2013. It also includes on a scale of 1 to 10 how ready each position is, today, for the 2013 season.

The "video" below, provides additional commentary on each position group to compliment the information below.

Key Losses: Riley Nelson, James Lark
Returning Contributors: Taysom Hill 
Players to Watch: Ammon Olsen, Jason Munns 
Goals: 1) Avoid mistakes/turnovers. 2) Stay healthy. 3) Get all playmakers involved in the offense. 4) Throw the ball to someone besides Cody Hoffman.
Ready for Kickoff: 5

Running Back
Key Losses: None
Returning Contributors: Jamaal Williams, Michael Alisa, Paul Lasike
Players to Watch: Adam Hine
Goals: 1) Build depth. 2) Improve in short yardage situations. 3) Be more involved in the pass game. 
Ready for Kickoff: 7

Wide Receivers
Key Losses: None
Returning Contributors: Cody Hoffman, Ross Apo, JD Falslev, Skyler Ridley
Players to Watch: Mitch Mathews, Brett Thompson, Michael Davis
Goals: 1) Give the quarterback more than one “go-to guy.” 2) Get open down field. 3) Build depth.
Ready for Kickoff: 7

Tight End
Key Losses: None
Returning Contributors: Austin Holt, Richard Wilson, Devin Mahina, Kaneakua Friel, Marcus Mathews
Players to Watch: Tereen Houk
Goals: 1) Establish a pecking order. 2) Play consistently good. 3) Make opposing defenses focus on them.
Ready for Kickoff: 4

Offensive Line
Key Losses: Braden Hansen, Braden Brown, Ryan Freeman.
Returning Contributors: Ryker Mathews, Terry Alletto, Solomone Kafu, Brock Stringham, Blair Tushaus, Manaaki Vaitai, Brad Wilcox, Michael Yeck, Houston Reynolds (may quit due to injury, but he does have eligibility left).
Players to Watch: All of the new linemen signed in February. (Click here to see the list.)
Goals: 1) Stay healthy. 2) Give the new QB the protection he needs to develop. 3) Open bigger holes for the running backs, especially inside and on short distances. 4) Avoid costly penalties.
Ready for Kickoff: 5

Defensive Line
Key Losses: Romney Fuga, Ezekiel Ansah, Russell Tialavea
Returning Contributors: Bronson Kaufusi, Eathyn Manumaleuna
Players to Watch: Remington Peck, JonRyheem Peoples, Theodore King, Marques Johnson, Tomasi Laulilie
Goals: 1) Build chemistry. 2) Use talent to make up for inexperience. 3) Develop depth.
Ready for Kickoff: 6

Key Losses: Uona Kavainga, Brandon Ogletree,
Returning Contributors:  Kyle Van Noy, Spencer Hadley, Uani Unga, Alani Fua, Manoa Pikula
Players to Watch: Jeremiah Leuta-Douyere, Trajan Pili, Chasen Andersen
Goals: 1) Avoid mismatches in pass coverage with middle linebackers on tight ends and running backs. 2) Use talent to make up for inexperience.
Ready for Kickoff: 8

Defensive Backs
Key Losses: Preston Hadley, Joe Sampson
Returning Contributors: Daniel Sorensen, Jordan Johnson, Craig Bills
Players to Watch: Sam Lee, Trenton Trammell
Goals: 1) Don’t be the weak link. 2) Improve man-to-man coverage. 
Ready for Kickoff: 7

Key Losses: Riley Stephenson (Punter), Reed Hornung (Long Snapper)
Returning Contributors: Justin Sorensen (place kicker), JD Falslev (punt and kickoff returns)
Players to Watch: Scott Arellano (Punter), Michael Davis (kickoff returns)
Goals: 1) Restore Justin Sorensen's confidence. 2) Find a punter.
Ready for Kickoff: 2

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  1. Least Ready for Kickoff: Special Teams and Offensive line, and its not even close.

    The offensive line is the biggest question mark to me. Other than Mathews and maybe Kafu, we have no idea who will be starting. To compound that, I think that at least one or two of the JC transfers will end up as starters, and they can't participate until Fall Practice.

    Personally, I don't expect a lot of answers about the offensive line comming out of Spring Camp.


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