Ready For Kickoff!

The Brigham Young Cougars will kickoff the 2012 football season tonight. The excitement is palpable. For the third year, Blue Cougar Football will bring you in-depth coverage of every game and much, much more.

This is going to be a great year. Blue Cougar Football is going to great lengths to provide unprecedented coverage.

Here is a detailed list of what you can expect.

Game Preview—BCF will have a game preview for each game. For games played on Saturday, the preview will appear on Friday. For night games on Thursday or Friday, the preview will be posted the day of the game.

Five Things to Watch for/Five Game Observations—In the past, the game previews included a “Things to watch for” section, which was then followed up with a “Things I saw” section in the game recap. In order to better highlight this feature, and clean up the game previews and recaps, these sections are being separated and will be their own feature.

“Five Things to Watch For” will appear one or two days before the game. The subsequent “Five Game Observations” will appear shortly after the game.

Game Recap—Each game will have a game recap that recounts the pace of the game, highlights key plays, memorable moments, and provide keen insights and opinions. Recaps will be posted as quickly as possible after the final gun.

Game Stories—Each game has several sub-plots that merit additional recognition than what a game recap can provide. A minimum of two will be written for each game. They will appear on the site anywhere from 1 to 3 days following the game.

NEW Mo Moments—This is a Blue Cougar Football original. Momentum is, possibly, the greatest intangible in sports. One or two plays can cause huge momentum swings that completely change the course of the game. “Mo Moments” will identify these plays, explain why it was a momentum swing, and what the consequences were.

Podcast—Not everything noteworthy can fit into a game recap or game story. To ensure complete coverage of each game, insightful audio analysis, opinion, and commentary will be provided every Monday.

NEW BYU NFL Report—Keeping tabs on former Cougars playing in the NFL can be difficult. Let Blue Cougar Football do the work for you. Each Monday, BCF will provide stats, game results, and other key news on players like Austin Collie, Dennis Pitta, and Bryan Kehl.

NEW You Tube Channel—Blue Cougar Football now has its own You Tube channel. You Tube is the platform that will be used to publish the podcasts on the Internet. You Tube was selected so you, the listener, don’t have to wait the five or ten minutes that all podcasting hosts seem to take to download the audio. With You Tube, the content starts almost instantaneously.

Poll Questions/Results—BCF will continue to seek readers’ opinion on pertinent BYU football topics. Rather than continue to follow a strict one week time frame for the polls, a new poll question will go up shortly following a game and will remain open until the day before a game, when the results will be reported.

Flashbacks—A weekly flashback looking at a great win from the past will continue to be done every Wednesday.

Trivia/Did you know?—The weekly trivia feature will continue every Thursday.

Mailbag—The mailbag has been a great success since it was introduced in January. It won’t go away, but will be moved to Wednesday during the season. Keep those great emails, comments, and Twitter questions (#BCFmailbag) coming.

Reaction to the Rankings—As long as discussing the rankings is pertinent to BYU’s season, BCF will react to the rankings on Monday. This reaction will opine on whether BYU is too high, too low, BYU’s chances for moving up, and whether any team is unjustly ranked above the Cougars.

Remembering the Rivalry—This is another Blue Cougar Football original. The Monday-Friday preceding the BYU-Utah game September 15, Blue Cougar Football will go back in time and remember one of the Cougars' classic rivalry wins.

These are just the regular features. Whenever an opportunity for an interview or to do something more arises, Blue Cougar Football will pounce on it.

Go (BYU) Cougars!

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