Poll Results: Who will score the first points of the season for BYU?

After scoring more touchdowns than any other Brigham Young Cougars player in 2011, one-third (33%) of voters think wide receiver Cody Hoffman will score the first points of the 2012 season for BYU. Running back Michael Alisa was second with 26%, followed by quarterback Riley Nelson (14%), wide receiver Ross Apo (12%), wide receiver JD Falslev (6%), place kicker Riley Stephenson (5%), and “other” (4%).

Last year I felt pretty confident BYU’s first score would be a field goal, so I predicted Justin Sorensen. (It was actually Apo.) This year I don’t have a clue. None of the popular choices give me that warm fuzzy feeling, so I am going to go out on a limb and join the 4% who said “other.”

Who is that other player? Iona Pritchard.

Nelson, Hoffman, Apo, and Alisa will make big plays and account for most of the yards to drive the ball down the field. With the ball just one or two yards away, Pritchard will get his number called for the first time, and he will finish it off.

This isn’t supposed to be a prophecy. My guess is BYU will emphasize the run early to keep Washington State’s pass attack off the field as much as possible, and that will increase the probability that the first score is a run.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll: “What will be a bigger success?”

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