Poll Results: What is the best part of BYU being independent?

Although it did not receive a majority of the votes, the best part of BYU being independent is clearly the ESPN contract (47%). No more Mountain West Conference was second with 31%, and scheduling freedom was last with 22%.

Not only do I agree that the ESPN contract is the best part of BYU being independent, I also feel dissociating with the MWC is second best, and the scheduling freedom is third.
Scheduling freedom comes in last because it is a two edged sword. While BYU is free to schedule any school any time, most other schools are not. Other schools need to work around their conference schedules. Plus, scheduling 12 games a year give a lot more work to the people behind the scenes than only having to schedule four games.

As an independent, national respect will be easier for BYU to earn. The stigma of playing the dregs of the MWC every year could be overcome only by leaving the conference. This year BYU has several WAC bottom feeders who are just as bad or worse than the MWC doormats, but BYU does have six or seven respectable games, which never happened when BYU was in the MWC.

The ESPN contract trumps both of these. National exposure was the primary goal for independence, and seven games on ESPN/ESPN2 gives BYU infinitely more exposure than it has had the last several years. Few things are better from a fan perspective than knowing that wherever you are in the United States you will be able to watch your team play on Saturday, even if all you have is an Internet connection. The added cash from this agreement is an added bonus.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "Were you satisfied with the BYU media day?"

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