Will Tanner Mangum be healthy enough to seriously compete for the starting job in 2018?

BYU QB Tanner Mangum has been participating in Spring practices (Evan Cobb, Daily Herald).

As the BYU Cougars wrap up Spring football this week, one of the surprises from the beginning has been the level of involvement of senior quarterback Tanner Mangum. When Mangum was lost for the remainder of the 2017 season with an Achilles injury last November, there were serious questions whether he would be healthy enough to participate in Spring practices, and subsequently play in 2018.

Achilles injuries are quite serious, like a Lis Franc. Just as Taysom Hill was able to defy the odds in 2016 and play in what was considered a quick turn around after a Lis Franc sidelined him in the 2015 season opener at Nebraska, Mangum appears poised to compete at or near full strength come fall to try and regain his starting role. Besides the on-field participation in everything but full contact activities this Spring, Mangum posted on March 22 a video on Instagram of him running at full speed on a treadmill.

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The video and the involvement in pads this Spring both look good, but is the fanbase convinced? Blue Cougar Football wanted to know. Site visitors and Twitter followers were recently asked "Will Tanner Mangum be healthy enough to seriously compete for the starting job in 2018?" Judging by the results, they believe what they see. The official results are below.
Official Results
59% Yes
33% No
8% Undecided 
That is a good majority. Nearly three out of every five think he will be physically ready for the rigors of the job when fall camp opens.

Mangum recently told reporters he was following the recovery timetable to a T. Although he didn't elaborate on the specifics of that timetable, it is safe to assume that being healthy enough to compete come fall is part of it. Otherwise, Mangum or the coaches probably would have said something by now indicating he would not be available at the beginning of the season, and redshirting was a possibility.

I find myself siding with the 59 percent who say Mangum will be healthy enough. After watching the video and knowing how involved he has been with Spring practices, I am surprised the percentage of people who voted "No" is not smaller. It would be interesting to hear their perspective.

Thank you to everyone who voted. A breakdown of the votes from each polling source is below.

 Vote Breakdown 
59% (52)
59% (26)
35% (31)
27% (12)
 6% (5)
 14% (6) 
 100% (88)
 100% (44) 

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