BYU Football: Did you know? (Consecutive bowl games)

BYU joined a very small and select group of schools when it played Wyoming in the 2016 Poinsettia Bowl (Source:

In this day and age when there is a glut of bowl games in college football, it is easier to list the schools that did not go to a bowl game than those that did. Playing in a bowl game used to be like a rite of passage; it has almost become a birthright. Yet, with all the player turnover annually and coaches moving from one job to another regularly, sustaining bowl eligibility over the long haul is still a challenge. It is still pretty rare for one school to play in a bowl game every season for a decade.
Did you know that BYU is one of three schools with two separate streaks of playing in a bowl game for 12 or more consecutive seasons?
BYU did it from 1978-94 (17), and again from 2005-16 (12).

The other two schools are Ohio State (15 seasons from 1972-86, and 12 from 2000-11) and Alabama (25 seasons from 1959-83, and 14 seasons from 2004-17).

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