BYU Football: Did you know? (Nielsen, Wilson, and McMahon's Touchdown Passes)

BYU WR Mike Chronister (

It is a little hard to believe, but both Gifford Nielsen and Jim McMahon were on the BYU Cougars football roster in 1977. Of course, one of the main reasons is because they sandwich Marc Wilson's career.

These three Cougar quarterback greats combined to throw exactly 200 touchdowns. All three threw at least one TD in 1977, but ...
Did you know that there are only two BYU football players who caught a touchdown from Nielsen, Wilson, and McMahon?
Those two players are Mike Chronister and Tod Thompson. Both players were seniors in 1978. That was the season McMahon split time with Wilson. McMahon threw six touchdowns that year, but to just three different players--Chronister, Thompson, and Lloyd Jones. Jones, however, did not play in Nielsen's final season (1977).

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