BYU Football: Did you know? (80-yard receptions)

Margin Hooks did something no other BYU football player has ever done (Chuck Wing, Deseret News).

The long bomb is one of the most exciting plays in football, and it always has the potential to change the game. Therefore, it rarely happens. Just 14 BYU Cougars have made a catch 80 yards or longer. The list of players that have two 80-yard receptions is even shorter, much shorter.
Did you know that Tyler Anderson and Margin Hooks are the only two BYU football players with more than one reception that was 80-yards or longer in their careers?
Anderson (1988, 1991-93) had his in two different seasons. He made an 80-yard touchdown reception in BYU's 30-17 win over Penn State in 1992. The next season, he had a 93-yard touchdown catch against Utah State.

Fun fact, these two receptions happened almost exactly one year apart (Oct. 31, 1992 and Oct. 30, 1993).

Margin Hooks (1997-2000) had both of his receptions during the 1998 season. He made an 80-yard touchdown catch in the Murray State game. Two games later, he had an 83-yard touchdown catch against UNLV.

McKay Jacobson (2006, 2009-11) just missed becoming part of this exclusive group. He had an 80-yard touchdown catch against Florida State in 2009, and a 79-yard touchdown catch against Wyoming that same season.

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