BYU vs. Weber State: Five Game Observations

Most of the questions I posed in the Five Things to Watch For article earlier this week dealt with little things in the Brigham Young Cougars program. I was pleased to see, however, that almost all of those little things resulted in big plays and scores. The backups were especially impressive, which bodes well for BYU’s future.

But onto the observations!

Question No. 1: Cody Hoffman. Will he play? How much? If he does play, how will he look?

Hoffman played for most of the first half and sparingly in the second, but while he was in, he looked great.  Hoffman ended the day with 115 yards receiving on seven catches and had one touchdown. He did have one fumble, but that was because of his desire to make a little too much happen.

I think Bronco did a great job of managing Hoffman’s time, letting him get some big play opportunities and keeping him healthy and ready for next week’s game.

Along with getting Hoffman ready for next week, the health of Ross Apo is now the next major concern for Brigham Young. Smart move by the coaching staff to hold Apo out today, even if he says he’s fine.

Question No. 2: Will we get to see more of Taysom Hill?

Every time Hill comes into the game, you get the feeling something electric is about to happen. Last week it was his 18-yard touchdown pass, this week it was his four-yard touchdown run, bringing a defender with him into the end zone as he stretched the ball over the line. He also led BYU’s drive in the fourth quarter that ended with him rushing for another touchdown.

He ended the day with six rushes for 27 yards and two touchdowns. He also attempted three passes, completing one for 18 yards.

I can only hope he gets some action again next week for a big play in Salt Lake City.

Question No. 3: What is the status of kicker Justin Sorensen?

Sorensen made a couple appearances in the game, only on kickoff duty. Riley Stephenson is still being used for both extra point and field goal duties, and took most of the kickoffs. This is along with his regular punting duties. It was good to see Sorensen at least step onto the field again. Hopefully he will be back full-time soon.

Question No. 4: What backup player will turn our heads?

Like I said in the Five Things to Watch For, games against FCS opponents give fans the chance to see some players we otherwise wouldn’t.

There were a few players who impressed me, but the one who was most fun to watch was Alex Kuresa. Kuresa is listed as a quarterback, but lined up as a receiver and made four catches for 51 yards. One of them was down to the one-yard line and initially looked like a touchdown. He also was in on an attempted trick play where he took a hand off and looked downfield to pass. Weber State wasn’t fooled, so Kuresa ran forward for as many yards as he could get. 

Kuresa is another player who, like Hill, adds an extra dimension to BYU’s offense that will keep defenses guessing.

My prediction for the game was David Foote. Unfortunately there wasn’t a ton of running success for the Cougars, aside from the 53-yard trot by J.D. Falslev. Foote ended the night with just 16 yards on five attempts.

Question No. 5: Any temptation to look past and FCS opponent?

Overall, BYU did pretty good. The game started off a little sloppy but after a quarter, the Cougars woke up and put it away by halftime.

Now  everyone can stop pretending to think about this game and start really talking about next week. After Utah’s loss to Utah State, will they come back with vengeance or be dejected? Stay tuned for the Five Things to Watch For as the Cougars head north to play Utah

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