BYU Football: Did you know? (Last Minute, Game-Winning Touchdowns)

Earlier this week, the Voice of the Brigham Young Cougars Greg Wrubell pointed out all the failed attempts by BYU over the last several years to tie or win a game on a field goal in the final minute of a game. While the game winning field goals have not worked out, last minute, game-winning touchdowns have.
Did you know that BYU has won five games in the Bronco Mendenhall era (2005-Present) with touchdowns in the final minute of the game?
The five games are:

Utah, 2006--John Beck pass to Jonny Harline, 11 yards, 0:00
Utah, 2007--Harvey Unga run, 11 yards, 0:38
Colorado State, 2008--Max Hall to Dennis Pitta, 17 yards, 0:22
Utah State, 2011--Riley Nelson to Marcus Mathews, 13 yards, 0:11
Tulsa, 2011--Riley Nelson to Cody Hoffman, 2 yards, 0:11

Additionally, two other games, BYU has won with touchdowns in the final two minutes:

New Mexico, 2005--Touchdown pass with 1:40
UNLV, 2008--Touchdown pass with 1:46

Lest we forget, there has been one overtime victory: Utah, 2009, 25-yard touchdown pass.

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