Poll Results: Should BYU leave independence if invited to the Big XII?

The results are in and the clear majority (59%) said BYU should tell the Big XII "no."

I happen to disagree on this one.

The more and more I think about it, the Big XII is not going to fall apart just because Texas A&M leaves. The Big XII is better off with 10 teams, and much better off with 12, but Texas A&M is not the lynch pin. Texas will never go independent. Anyone who thinks they will needs to have their blue goggles checked. While BYU has been a pioneer and an innovator in college football, both in the past and recently, BYU is not going to be seen 10 or 15 years from now as the trend setter in the independence movement.

Another reason I would move to the Big XII is scheduling. I don't think the whole concept of playing a "national schedule" is all it is cracked up to be. Besides, there is nothing stopping BYU from scheduling one West coast team, two teams east of the Mississippi River, and one Rocky Mountain team each year to go with its full conference slate of mid-west teams. Do Tom Holmoe and the scheduling staff a favor and join the Big XII.

The final football reason is for increased exposure. As I explained last week, BYU will get more exposure being 10-0 in November as a member of the Big XII than as an independent.

As for the idea that BYU shouldn't leave the WCC high and dry, that is nonsense. The WCC has to understand its position in college sports. It is a little fish, and it should expect that any of its member institutions would jump at the chance to leave. This Big XII invite would have come by complete surprise. BYU has already given a lot to the WCC by broadcasting several conference sporting events on BYUtv.

If you really like the BYU contract with ESPN, then I expect there is a way to keep that intact even as a member of the Big XII. Remember, the Big XII is the needy one, not BYU.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll "How many games will BYU win in 2011?"

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  1. 59% of these respondents are plum loco.

    My same poll on CB revealed BYU fans favor Big 12 membership by a six-to-one margin. I'd wager it would be 20-1 were it not for some ute fans trying to hijack it.


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