Poll Results: How WIll Brandon Doman do Calling Plays?

The final vote was a tie between "Excellent" and "Great." Both received 35% of the vote. "Good" came in third with 22%. "Average" received 5%. "Bad" and "Terrible" evenly split the remaining 3%.

That means, I get to cast the deciding vote. I think Doman will be great at calling plays.

Although he is new to the offensive coordinator position, I think he will step right in and excel. Doman is a former quarterback, and no doubt was doing some play calling and audibling at the line of scrimmage in that capacity. Doman knows what this group of players can and can't do. He shouldn't fall into the pit of calling plays that his players don't have the ability to execute. Speaking of this group of players, they are rather talented and there are few things that they won't be able to do. That makes any coordinator's job easier.

Doman won't be perfect. For me, a vote for "excellent" would mean that he has very little room for improvement. Doman will make strides at calling plays, especially over the next 2-3 years.

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