Daniel Sorensen's "White Boys" Comment Getting National Attention

Brigham Young Cougars defensive back Daniel Sorensen's recent comments about the BYU football team being "a bunch of white boys" is now getting national attention. Sorensen's comments were first reported by Daily Herald reporter Jason Franchuk. Now, Sorensen's words have been broadcast to the nation.

FoxSports weekend overnight radio show host Ben Maller aired a portion of what Sorensen said to Franchuk and other reporters Thursday, August 25.
"What if we go out there and dominate (at Ole Miss, Sept. 3) and people start seeing us? And they put us on the map, and we're on ESPN. And they start wondering who these kids are – what are they doing with their lives, and why are they so good?
"And maybe a bunch of white boys out there go down and beat up on an SEC team, a big, physical team like (Ole Miss)."
Maller's show is, purportedly, broadcast on 250 radio stations nationwide. Maller came to the defense of Sorensen and questioned why other people were making such a huge brouhaha about this. One of the show's producers suggested the problem could be internal with the non-white players on the BYU team.

I agree with Maller. The "white boys" part of Sorensen's much larger comment is a non-story. Anyone trying to spin this into a racist remark is off the mark. It is possible to talk about the color of people's skin without being racist. Just like it is possible to say someone has big ears without being offensive.

It is true that BYU has several Polynesian and African-American players on the roster, and I don't think they are bothered in the least about what Sorensen said. However, BYU is still perceived as a predominately white football team. When BYU takes the field against Ole Miss a white Jake Heaps, protected by five white linemen, will lead the offense with a white Bryan Kariya in the backfield and two white receiving options in McKay Jacobson and Austin Holt. On defense, BYU has high expectations for white linebackers Jordan Pendleton and Brandon Ogletree.

Lastly, let's be honest, Sorensen is correct. White players are considered inferior in football. When a white player runs a really fast 40, or makes a super human athletic play people are extra shocked. If BYU can beat Ole Miss, and Texas the next week, there will be a lot of fans of the game commenting on how "a bunch of white guys" are beating these teams.

Anyone making a fuss about what Sorensen said needs to stop. His words were not racially charged. He was speaking like a player ready to strap it up and play the game, and that is exactly what we need to let him and his teammates do.

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  1. Spoken like a white man.

  2. Poor choice of words and it will fire up the opposing team.


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