Past Player Profile: Fred Whittingham

Position: Running Back
Years Played: 1986-1989

Personal: Married with three children. The oldest (girl) is currently attending California Polytechnic State University. The second is a son, and he is a freshman in high school. The youngest is a girl and she is in 7th grade.

Profession: Works for McGraw Hill in the higher education group, and he manages the sales force in the Western United States.

Best Football Moment at BYU: The relationships he made with teammates. Beating Wyoming his senior year after losing to the Cowboys the two previous years. The comeback win against Oregon in 1989, as well as the Utah game that year.

Best Non-football moment: Having outstanding professors, specifically Pyshcology teacher Phil Daniels. Meeting his wife (the got married after he left BYU).

Player Stats
1987: 129 rushes, 418 yards, 2 TD; 35 rec., 321 yards, 1 TD
1988: 88 rushes, 513 yards, 3 TD; 27 rec., 220 yards, 1 TD
1989: 109 rushes, 582 yards, 8 TD; 34 rec., 465 yards, 3 TD
Totals: 326 rushes, 1513 yards, 13 TD; 96 rec., 1006 yards, 5 TD

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