Poll Results: Who should be BYU’s #1 running back in 2011?

Joshua Quezada (69%) comfortably beat out incumbent J.J. DiLuigi (23%) as BYU’s top running back in 2011. Drew Phillips was next with 5%, and Brian Kariya was not forgotten with 3% voting for him.

Going by season totals last year, J.J. DiLuigi has “earned” the right to be the starter. He was the team’s leading rusher (917), had the best yards per carry average (5.2), and the most touchdowns (8). Plus, he is a senior.

Looking at the game-by-game totals, one finds that Quezada (505 yards, 5.1 ypc, 5 TD in 2010) rushed for more yards than DiLuigi in each of the last three games. Now that Quezada has a year in the system and understands the college game, maybe he can beat out DiLuigi for the starting spot.

What this boils down to is who is better. I am guessing that both will see the field a lot this year, but whoever is better should be the one that gets the call when BYU needs the running back to make a play.

I don’t think that it was a coincidence that we saw Juice getting more reps and bigger numbers at the end of the year. The coaches think that he has the most talent and brings the most to the table. Q will be the #1 running back this year.

Thanks to everyone who voted. Don’t forget to vote in this week’s question: “Which USC transfer are you more excited about?”

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